Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

Loan Apps For Indian Students. While growing up in our early teens might seem like an exciting dream, the fact that freedom comes at the cost of endless responsibility, struggle, and bills is the unspoken truth of every “adult.” Funding a college education alone can be a nightmare for most of us. Now add clothes, food, nights out with friends, travel and other expenses and boom!!

Since most banks and financial institutions only lend to employed professionals, students are usually at a loss regarding their money troubles. Worry not, as we bring to your rescue excellent mobile apps and online platforms that not only provide us with easily accessible and instant student loans but also offer flexible return policies with almost no interest rates.

To all of our heroes and entrepreneurs slowly climbing the tortuous path to independence, we present to you the life-saving apps you should always have on your phones. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Different Forms Of Student Loans In India

If you’re seeking an immediate loan, take into account the following:

  • Loan Buddy
  • PaySense
  • Navi

 Best Student Personal Loan Overall

From 500 to 30,000 rupees, mPokket offers a variety of loan amounts with 61 to 120-day payback periods.

Best Personal Loan For Students With Good Customer Service

With terms ranging from 62 days to 15 months and amounts ranging from $100 to $3,000, KreditBee offers a variety of loan sizes and payback periods.

Best Student Personal Loans Under a Budget

From Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000, KrazyBee offers a range of loan amounts and repayment terms from 1 to 6 months.

8 Best Loans For Students In India

1- MPokket

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students
Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

MPokket is one of the most accessible and desirable instant loan platforms for students who can apply for any loan amount from INR 500 to INR 30,000. You must follow the simple steps, starting with downloading the app and sending scanned copies of your documents. You are ready to go.

Funds from mPokket can go straight into your Paytm bank account or wallet and must be paid within 1-3 months at an interest rate of 1-6% (variable). A win-win situation indeed!

Note: Only full-time students over 18 studying at a recognized university and having a bank account are eligible to apply. Distance students cannot use this offer.

2. KreditBee

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students
Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

KreditBee is another useful instant student loan app. Loans of up to Rs 300,000 can be obtained at interest rates up to 29.5% per annum. You can apply for one of these loans between 21 and 56 years old. They also provide a fillable digital application form. You must upload your receipts using the app for the loan to be considered official.

Credit Bee Features

  • Amounts between Rs 100 and Rs 3,00,000.
  • The duration varies from 62 days to 15 months.
  • The range of annual interest rates is 0% to 29.95%.
  • Handling fees can vary from 0% to 7%.

3- Pocketly

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students
Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

The third website on our list is “Pocketly,” which offers quick cash “anytime, anyplace!” The app is a leader in providing students in India with rapid loans, and they may rely on the platform for total costs like tuition, extracurricular activities, and personal needs.

The Pocketly app, accessible on the Google Play store, allows you to quickly apply for loans between Rs. 500 and Rs. 6000, back in manageable instalments with just one click. A repayment period of close to 1 to 3 months is chosen, with monthly interest rates ranging from 1 to 3%.

4- RedCarpet

Students can get immediate loans from RedCarpet for various online and offline operations. The platform offers 1,000 and 6,000 INR loans with a simple, interest-free 1-month return policy. Users who apply for EMI alternatives also have the choice of paying back the money over terms of three, six, nine, or twelve months.

The app is designed with a built-in tracker to guarantee its users’ constant safety and security. Additionally, a Platinum Mastercard is available; we can use it for various purposes, including POS transactions, cash withdrawals from ATMs, and online transactions.

5. KrazyBee

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students
Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

Another well-liked option on our list and a terrific replacement for quick cash for college students are KrazyBee. You can apply for quick credit loans for your semester fees, educational costs, internet shopping, and even a two-wheeler with just your student ID card and residence verification.

The monthly purchase cap is usual at Rs. 2,000. The loan to KrazyBee must be repaid over 12 months using easy EMIs.

The loans are available to students 18 years of age, or older enrolled in a degree or diploma programme at one of the universities on the approved list.

6. Sahukar

Students can apply for a credit ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 5,000. Borrowed funds can be readily interested by 3% per month within 90 days. You only need to download the Sahukar app, register, and use the money following your credit score.

The money is in your Paytm wallet or bank account. The app offers exciting referral bonuses in the form of cash or coupons, along with e-approvals on loans that don’t need any physical documentation or verification.

7- Slicepay

Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students
Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Top 8 Instant Loan Apps For Indian Students

To assist students who desire to borrow money, SlicePay provides free EMIs. SlicePay and MasterCard have cooperated to make this possible. Aadhar number, name, college, ID number, PAN number, and download the app.

Undergraduate and graduate students may borrow up to Rs. 10,000 from SlicePay for a loan term of 30 to 90 days. The interest rate is usually at 3% per month.

8- BadaBro

One of the top loan applications for students is BadaBro. The BadaBro college loan programme offers quick loans of up to Rs. 10,000 to students in higher education who are over the age of 18.

To apply for a BadaBro loan, you must have an Aadhar card and a PAN card. You should submit your loan application at least three months before the anticipated graduation date. The loan has a 30- to the 90-day repayment period.

Benefits And Drawbacks of student loans?

Student Loan Benefits

  • Student loans make education more affordable.
  • Student loans can mean the difference between attending the college of your dreams and a college that’s just right.
  • Student loans are not limited to paying for tuition, food and lodging.
  • You can build credit by paying off your school debt.

Disadvantages of student loans

  • The cost of student debt can be high.
  • You will start life in debt if you have college debt.
  • One must give up on other life goals to pay off college loans.
  • If you can’t make the payments, paying off your student debt is difficult.
  • Your credit could suffer if you don’t pay off your student loans.

What Should I Look For When Applying For Student Loans?

An excellent higher education can help provide the groundwork for dependable employment and a higher wage. But because of the steep rise in expenditures, a sizeable segment of our population cannot afford higher education. As a result, other methods of financing higher education have been archaic by acquiring student loans from banks and NBFCs.

  1. Repayment Timeframe
  2. Interest Rates
  3. Margin Cash
  4. College and Banks/NBFC Partnership
  5. Calculate the EMIs by estimating future earnings.


India provides several lending apps that provide rapid personal loans in addition to the ones above. The sector has developed tremendously and welcomed many new enterprises in recent years as customer acceptance and knowledge have increased. Even though these money lending apps in India have made it simpler to borrow money, you should always check the terms and conditions before signing up to ensure you understand the borrowing and repaying terms.

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