What Makes Chat SDK Beneficial for Your Business?


E-commerce stores, online food delivery apps, online hospital booking facilities, and various other online service providers and business usually have one thing in common – they all have an instant chat or messaging option where you can send your queries and get quick replies from a customer care representative. It is now an essential marketing strategy that focuses on customer satisfaction.

Imagine waiting on a call for fifteen minutes before talking to a representative. Isn’t that irritating and time-consuming? Moreover, what if the call disconnects suddenly due to poor reception? You will again have to wait in the queue before talking to someone. Instead, messaging is a quicker and convenient option for many. But to implement that option, a developer needs to use a software development kit that allows instant messaging on iOS and Android apps and websites.

According to experts and thousands of developers, a chat and messaging SDK is the most suitable kit to provide such facilities. It supports all the features you can think of when it comes to messaging. From launching virtual events through video conferencing and video calls to creating customized real-time messaging solutions, this software development kit offers many options to make communication swift and convenient for everyone.


Chat SDK vs. Chat API

It’s a common misconception that a Chat API and Chat SDK are synonyms. However, they are not. You can add a Chat API to an established application or software depending on your requirement. It comes with various features like chat integration, moderation tools, chat history, anti-spam, customizable themes, webhooks, read receipts, and typing indicators. Does that mean a Chat SDK doesn’t have the above features? It does. But it also has some additional features that give it an edge over its competitor.

Its modular architecture has customized UI frameworks that allow advanced users to pick features that can make the messaging system easier for everyone. For example, a Chat SDK offers detailed information about your user’s data. You can also get end-to-end control of the codes required to set up the chatting platform. A customized UI makes it easier for the user to add or remove the features he wants. You can enjoy this feature in a chat SDK.


Benefits of a Chat SDK for your business

A Chat SDK is versatile and suitable for anyone who wants to add an online chatting option to an app or website. Here are a few reasons why this software development kit is beneficial for your business:

  • Public rooms

Some industries require managers to send out public announcements. A chat and messaging SDK allows you to set up public rooms to make these announcements within a few seconds. Sometimes, you may need to make a private announcement among your employees. Still, instead of calling everyone in the conference room, you use the public room feature in your messaging app to provide the information right from your office.


  • Supports different types of messages

In some cases, a simple chat option isn’t enough. You may need to enable options like adding video files, images, documents, or voice messages. A Chat SDK supports all these types of messages. Your customers may want to show you the proof of damaged products that they had received. With an option to add image files, they can easily show why they are concerned about their recent deliveries.


  • Scalability

It is possible to adjust to different chat settings if you use a Chat SDK. You can keep adding the features as your business grows. That also gives you an idea about scaling the chat platform. For example, you will see a stark difference between the chat options on Facebook when it first started compared to the facilities it offers now.


  • Full access data

The user is the ruler in a Chat SDK. You have full access and control of the data you have in hand. It isn’t like one of the third-party messaging apps limiting your access to the data you want. Here, you can do almost anything you want with the data and utilize them according to your requirements. From viewing the source code of the data to controlling the client’s information, you can do anything.


  • Customize extensions and templates

This is probably the biggest reason that sets a Chat SDK apart from any other software development kit. Isn’t it cool if you can customize different chat themes based on their relevance? You may have one theme for employees, one for the board of members, and one for your customers. This system allows you to respond to the messages according to their importance. You can customize themes, chat templates, extensions, and push notifications within a few clicks.


Why install a Chat SDK?

A chat SDK is an essential program these days. Previously, people thought of it as a luxury as connecting with a customer care representative took place primarily over the phone. But with more people preferring online chats over long call queues, you must use a Chat SDK to add an instant messaging option on your website or app. It gives your customers the freedom to choose how they want to connect with the customer care team.

Some customers don’t feel comfortable talking over the phone. They think that they can’t express their concerns on a call. For them, online chatting is a more convenient option. And since the customer is king, you should pay attention to what most of your customers prefer.

Most importantly, a Chat SDK is customizable. You can change its limits according to your needs. For example, you can switch the layouts for different chat groups, remove windows, add new buttons, change the theme, or customized notification sounds. A Chat SDK is popular because it’s an open-source application. It allows you to use the platform in any way you want. This isn’t always possible with a Chat API where you need to play within a few set rules.

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If you are eager to add a chatting option to your app or website, don’t hesitate to use a Chat SDK. It can make a significant difference to your business, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction.