Minspy The Best Facebook Messenger Hacking App

Do you want to know your child’s activity on Facebook messenger? Are you interested in what your spouse is doing on their phone?

Just breathe and put all the assumptions to rest with Minspy.

Minspy is amazing spy software that allows you to track the location of the cell phone and call details, including the call history and the duration of each call. It is safe to use and works stealthily in the background; users cannot detect it as it uses very little power. You can track everything from their social media to browser history, text messages to the media stored on the device without any hassles using Minspy.

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Here’s an article that will help you learn more about spy phone apps. Now, let’s start to set up this amazing application.

How to Install on A Device?

Minspy is easy to set up and can be installed remotely on an IOS device. However, this feature is not available for android users where you have to install it manually on the target mobile phone. Follow the given steps to finish the installation.

For IOS Device Users

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Step 1: Create an account or log in to an existing account on Minspy.

For tracking any device, you have to make an account on Minspy. It is free and cost nothing.

Step 2: Now, enter the iCloud details of the target mobile and verify it.

Minspy asks for the cloud credentials of the target device. Enter the required details like password and the username and wait for confirmation.

Step 3: Start Tracking.

That’s it. You’re all ready and can now start tracking the device.


For Android Device Users

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Step 1: Install Minspy on any android device.

For Android device users, Minspy has to install on the phone/device manually. Install the app and then hide it in the settings menu. This way, the app remains hidden.

Step 2: Register your account

Register your Minspy account on a device to begin the service.

Step 3: Begin the installation process

After this, the installation process will start. Wait for it to finish.

Step 4: Track the target device using the Minspy dashboard.

Log into the Minspy dashboard on your phone or a browser and begin tracking the location and data of the target device.

Now that we have installed Minspy, let’s get to know some of its interesting features to help you track the intended mobile phone.


1.      Easy to Use:

Minspy is user-friendly, and you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Minspy. The intuitive controls and fully equipped dashboard contain everything you need to track the target mobile phone activity. The quick installation process and easy follow-up make it a good spying app preferred by users worldwide.

2.     Complete Stealth:

Minspy provides the user with complete stealth, and the intended device or person remains completely unaware of the background spying. The stealth mode is virtually untraceable, and once activated, it makes it impossible for the device user to know that their activities are being tracked.

3.     Trustworthy and Secure:

Minspy is completely secure, and no one can access your private data except yourself. The information that you are tracking is completely hidden from other users. It is because Minspy uses advanced encryption methods that are hard to crack, and therefore, your confidential data remains safe.

With more than 190 countries using Minspy for their spying needs, it is a trustworthy and complete solution to track your child’s activity.

4.     Works Without Jailbreak or Rooting:

Minspy, unlike many other spying applications, works without jailbreak or rooting your device. It is an amazing feature as jailbreaking your device voids the warranty and might even damage the device. You could even lose your essential data stored on the mobile phone.

Since Minspy doesn’t require jailbreak or root, it is completely safe and never interferes with the internal functioning of the device.

5.     Geofencing:

Another remarkable feature of Minspy is geofencing which is as cool as it sounds. This feature allows the user to mark geographical territories or areas that the target device should not breach. If that happens, the user receives an alert on their mobile phone signalling that the location has been breached.

It will let you know about your kid’s whereabouts and alert you before anything goes amiss.

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6.     Tracking:

  • Call history- You can access the call history of the device using Minspy. It includes call details like duration and the number or name of the other person.
  • Messages- View text messages using Minspy, and you will be aware of your child’s activity. By this, you can prevent your child from harmful things like threats and bullying. You can also see the MMS messages that are sent using this application.
  • Social media- Spy on their social media handles, and you can even enable notifications for every new activity from the target on their social sites. Applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger are the only apps that you can track using Minspy.
  • Media- Minspy can track the media files, for example, images and videos stored on the target device. You have complete control over their gallery and can see each image or video stored on it.
  • Browser History- Minspy also offers access to the browser history of the intended user. The best part is that this is equipped with timestamps so you can know when a particular website was used.
  • Keylogger- Keylogger is another good feature that allows you to read passwords and usernames typed on the target cell phone. It records the typed letters and stores them on the cloud from where you can see them.

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Minspy offers a lot of features and can help save your kid from any kind of harm. However, this application should be used with great caution to not invade their privacy and only interfere when they are in danger or require your attention.