What Features Should an On-Demand App Have?

On-Demand App

On-Demand App

If any business wants to boost its current revenue, then one sure shot way to do that is by offering customers an excellent experience. And that can be done with the help of an On-Demand App.

Recently, many organizations have started switching to on-demand applications. These applications are widely known for being one of the best and most successful business structures in the digital market.

Businesses can use these apps to get access to more opportunities and a better customer base. All of this can be exploited to grow the business. But the on-demand has to be just right for the company to experience these benefits.

It means that your on-demand application should have several features that work specifically for your business. But what if you don’t know what those features are? In that case, we have got you covered. In this article, you can find out about the essential elements of any on-demand application.

Understanding On-Demand Applications

On-Demand applications can be best explained as customized mobile app solutions. These personalized solutions fit the needs of the business so that it can further meet the requirements of its customers. For example, a company specializing in taxi booking services would need an on-demand app that targets its intended audience.

These applications are also very popular with other service businesses. Another significant benefit of opting for an on-demand app is that it helps in affordably promoting the business. It happens irrespective of the size and scale of the company!

What Features Should an On-Demand App Have?

When it comes to an on-demand app, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that different user perspectives will require additional features. It is why we have created separate lists of parts according to the user perspective. You can find all of these lists mentioned below.

On-Demand Apps for End-Users

User Accounts:

This feature will allow users to sign up, register, or log in to their accounts by using their email address, mobile number, or social media accounts

Several Payment Methods:

With the help of this feature, users will be able to make payments through different payment options like credit cards, debit cards, cash, or mobile wallet

Booking Requests:

Customers can use this feature to book a service by selecting their preferred day and time

Schedule Tracking:

This feature comes in handy after the customer has booked a service. Through this feature, he or she can use real-time tracking to check the arrival time or current location of the product or service

Estimation of Charge:

Applications with a price calculation algorithm allows a customer to view the estimated price of a service

Notifications: Users can get information regarding important alerts like the charge, type of service, any discount, or special services provided by the organization

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA):

ETA is an excellent feature valuable in the on-demand transportation industry. This feature allows the customers to view the approximate arrival time of their taxi or cab at the pick-up location.

This feature is also great for food ordering applications. Customers can also use this feature to check the route taken by the driver or service provider along with his or her real-time location. For this feature, it is essential to rely upon GPS enabled tracking of vehicles


This feature will allow users to cancel their bookings before the service starts

Contacting the Service Provider: Users can also plan out the type of service they want to receive by directly coordinating with the service provider!  customers can access excellent feature after they have made a booking

History of Service:

Customers can also view the services that they have availed of in the past by looking at the service history option


If users ever need some assistance, then they can contact a customer service representative of the organization through this option

Mobile Wallets:

The application can come with a wallet in which the users can add money. This amount will automatically get dedicated whenever the customer makes a purchase

Advance Bookings:

This feature is for customers who want to book for a service in advance

Book for Others:

Through this feature, users will be able to book any particular service for someone else through their application

Ratings and Reviews:

Giving customers a chance to express their opinions and views about a service will always work in favour of the organization. If it’s a positive review, then it would attract other people to buy the same service. And if it’s a negative review, then the organization can use the feedback to improve their services in the future. There can also be a provision for the service provider to rate customers

Promo Codes and Referrals:

These options are a great way to gain some monetary benefits while making a booking

Favorite Services:

This feature provides users to access the services that they love quickly or frequently use. It makes the booking process more accessible and hassles free

On-Demand Application for Service Providers

The Service Provider Account:

Service providers can also use their social media accounts, email address, business email id, and mobile number to sign up, register, or log in to their service account

Selecting Availability:

The service providers can use this feature to choose their working or availability hours. It gives the power of when to work and for how long into the hands of the service provider

Service Tracking:

Service providers can also track the number or progress of their services online by using this feature

Tracking Earnings:

The application should also be able to calculate the total earning of the service provider for any given period by checking the number of service requests that the provider accepted

Information Related to Service:

Service providers can provide customers with all the information that they need to know about their service through this feature

Accept or Reject Customer Service Requests:

Service providers will have the option to either accept or reject the request of a customer with the help of this feature

Contact the Customer:

After accepting the service request, the app will directly connect the customer to the customer. It would make it easier for the service provider to coordinate with the customer

Start and Finish Service:

Services can also be bound by time, and this feature helps make sure that the job gets done within a specific amount of time. Service providers can start the service and end it when it’s done

Checking the Dashboard:

The dashboard would contain several statistical figures related to the services provided, performance, average rating, and earnings of the service provider

The Daily Reports:

Knowing how well a service provider has done on a particular day can go a long way in improving his or her services and staying on top of things. It is why the daily reports option is very important for service providers

Rating the Customer:

Service providers can use this feature to rate the customers that they have worked for

Heat Maps:

This feature allows service providers to search for areas from which the service provider has received the most requests. This information can be used to target a specific market and audience

Forward Dispatch:

With the help of this feature, the request gets shown to the service provider who is closest to the customer. This way, customers can receive services quickly

On-Demand Application for Admin

The Admin Dashboard:

This will be a standard section that one can use to manage customers and service providers

Customer Management:

Through the application, the administrator will be able to quickly handle customers, requests related to promo and coupon codes, discounts, cancellation charges, or any other doubt that they might have

Managing Service Providers:

On one side of the administrator’s dashboard, all information related to the pricing and commissions charged by service providers will be mentioned. This information can be used to manage all the transactions that are made through the app


One can easily view all ongoing services in real-time

Reports and Analytics:

This feature will allow one to access every information about the business, including earnings, rejected customer service requests, accepted services, used gift cards, preferred services, and cancelled services

The Conclusion

By using an on-demand application development service, any business can unlock its true potential. With the help of on-demand applications, your business would bring the customer to the center of everything. All necessary features can also be integrated into the business model according to the needs of the user.

We offer precisely these types of high-quality end-to-end on-demand application development services to all businesses out there. You can use these robust and cost-effective solutions now to take your business to greater heights!

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