Can Black Wallpaper, Save Your Android Battery

black wallpaper

Most people know that the show is one of the most battery-intensive components of a smartphone. What they don’t know, however, is that the wallpaper they choose can significantly improve battery life. Pure black wallpaper or generally dark wallpapers or backgrounds can save energy when compared to lighter colored paper. It just depends on what type of screen you are going to have.

First, we need to share a little bit of know-how data. Almost all programs on the smartphone market are both AMOLED and LCD. I am not going to go into an excessive number of articles. However, if you need more information (and which one is better for which one), you can read our article on the smartphone screen. If all you need is the black background image, jump to the end of the item.

Show Tech defines: LCD

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Show, and it is the same craftsmanship that you can experience in your TVs, screens, etc. As the identification suggests, liquid crystal displays are crystals in the most real sense of the word.

It means that even if your smartphone screen is black, it glows black from behind. Therefore, LCD screens do not display “true” black. Like the HTC U11 Plus, the Huawei Mate 10, and the Sony Xperia XZ2, the LG G7 THinQ has an LCD.

AndroidPIT HTC U11 Plus vs. Huawei Mate 10 1946

LCD screens are also very power hungry because every pixel needs illumination every time the screen is in use.

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Show Tech defines: AMOLED and OLED

AMOLED stands for Energetic-Matrix Natural Gentle-Emitting Diode and is also used for TV screens, but especially for smartphones. OLED emissions are linked but do not use an energy matrix.

Samsung shows, for example, are often AMOLED: the Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy S9 all use an AMOLED display, just like the Google Pixel 3.

The display is made of natural materials, which are really soft to give as a gift – electroluminescence. AMOLED shows are easier on your Battery because not every pixel has to be on all the time. In addition, they present “real” black tones because there is no backlight.

Battery life: AMOLED vs LCD


You can most likely see the place where something is going on: you probably have an AMOLED show, and then you can save battery power by using black wallpapers or naturally darker papers and themes.

Our friends at XDA Creators did a little experiment and found that using a black background image on an AMOLED screen could save you about 6% battery life per hour at 20% brightness and about 8% per hour at full brightness.

These results bases on a continuously active display, but the central concept continues even when the numbers are usually not set in stone. Another tester, using a different technique, came here with a baseline savings of 18 pc over the course of a day.


What about the LCD battery saving wallpaper? Unfortunately, LCD screens depend on the backlight. There is nothing you can do to duck wasting the Battery.

The only factor you can do is put your device on battery saver and not flip the screen regularly. Keep the brightness of your show as low as possible, and the screen time limit will be acceptable and short.

The good news, you can have the brightest wallpaper and themes, and it won’t affect your battery life. Just keep in mind that every time you look at the dark screens of AMOLED owners, you’re sticking to their extended battery life (don’t walk away from a charger when cheering).

Androidpit samsung galaxy s5 black wallpaper screenshot

Different ideas about battery life for AMOLED displays

AMOLED owners can fix a variety of issues to maximize battery life. It corresponds to the setting that as many app themes are as dark as possible.

For those who can change the look of several apps that you use regularly, this can save battery life considerably. Either way, we spend more time in apps than on our home screens. You can also choose to have your text content and email settings have a black background and use white text. It depends on your gadget and the apps you choose.

The easiest solution to finding out for yourself is to cost your device in its entirety and wait until it is almost entirely dead and see how much Battery use on the show. Just go to Settings and look for Battery, often in the Gadget Settings / Gadget Maintenance section.

Note the percentage used by your show. Then when your phone is charging, switch to a black wallpaper and repeat the cycle to see the difference.