In the world of online communication, you can find different types of Internet slang. Many of them are difficult to understand, especially if you don’t know the acronyms. However, these acronyms can make communication faster and more efficient. An acronym that you may see when communicating online is IKR. Have you ever used this internet slang? Otherwise, read on to learn more about its meaning and uses.

What does IKR mean?

IR is an acronym that stands for “I know, right?” Means. It is a ubiquitous slang that is widely used by all age groups, including teens and adults—the phrase I use in online communication and real life.

As the demand for social media and online conversations increases, you can see this slang anywhere, for example. B. on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other SMS platforms. We can say that it is now part of the culture of the text. You don’t have to write all the characters; you can use the acronym to convey the same message.


History of the IKR

IKR broke up with internet slang around the same time as other text acronyms. The phrase I know, right? Was used in real life long before it became independent of the social media acronym. IKR was first used in electronic media in 2004.

The meaning of this phrase is that you are aware of everything that another person is saying to you. It also means that you agree with what another person is saying. The technical addition of the word “right” turns the sentence into a question, as you are essentially asking for confirmation of the validity of your statement. The word “right” underscores your agreement with what was said before the ICR sentence.

IKR is very popular in the United States. It is an essential part of daily communication. Teenagers use this term more often than adults. It is used in everyday conversations as an agreement about something or someone.

Mainly, this internet slang is used to agree when you know something your friend or someone is saying. It works like an informed response to something you both know.

Using IKR

IKR is not exactly like “I Know Right”. It has a slightly different meaning. It means that you believe or agree with what another person is saying. IR can use to show relief that others share the same thought on a particular issue.

This acronym use in informal communications such as online conversations or texting. You don’t need to capitalize on IKR. Instead, you can type ikr. It will serve the same purpose.