What Is Remarketing, And Why Is It Vital?



In this article, we will look into one of the most powerful marketing strategies of our time called Remarketing. You will learn what remarketing is, how it works, why it is essential, and what forms of remarketing you can use.

What is Remarketing?

It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing expert or an average person browsing some web pages or e-shops. You probably noticed remarketing many times – have you ever felt that some ads are following you? That is because of remarketing strategies.

Remarketing can occur on Google Display Network or Bing’s paid search network when looking for some products or services. This powerful system uses technology like marketing tags and tracking pixels to deliver highly personalized ads to you after visiting some websites or clicking on some landing pages where you didn’t make any purchase.

Are you remarketing – How does it work?

Suppose you are already advertising on Google Network. All you want to do is to add a remarketing code (also known as pixel or tag) to your website so you can collect your visitors to your remarketing audiences. You can also customize your code for different pages and achieve more defined categories.

For example, you are selling electronics. You can create a “microwave” remarketing audience based on people who viewed your pages that contain microwaves. Then you can generate more custom-made ads for these customers, and you can avoid advertising something that they do not want.

Remarketing ads can be shown on Google partner sites in the Google Display Network. However, keep in mind that some of your remarketing ads will not show on sites not partnered with Google.

You can also create different remarketing lists if you want to target particular audiences. You can do this later after you collect some leads.


Remarketing – Why is it important?

Different studies show that more than 90% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy. There could be many reasons, for example, they are looking to purchase some products and compare prices or delivery from other webpages. If they don’t find anything better, they can get back to your website with re-marketing ads because they will “follow them” while browsing other sites.

Re-marketing campaigns allow you to target these people who left your page without conversion. The main benefits of re-marketing are to increase your ROI (return-on-investment) or bring you many new leads you can work with. Also, you can save on your Smart Shopping campaigns if you use any CSS partner.

If you are advertising on Google and looking for campaigns that support re-marketing, we recommend you start using Shopping or Smart Shopping campaigns.

Remarketing – What forms can we use?

As you learned in this article, you can use re-marketing with targeted ads or emails to reach out to your visitors who have left your webpage without buying. These re-marketing campaigns can increase the likelihood that your visitors will return to your website and perform the conversion.

We can categorize re-marketing into five primary types:

  1. Standard Remarketing – The most basic re-marketing type allows you to show display ads to your past visitors.
  2. Dynamic Remarketing – This type allows you to serve visitors ads tailored specifically for their needs which means they include ad messages specifically for the visitor who is viewing the ad.
  3. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – This type is offered by Google Ads and allows you to customize your search ad campaigns for viewers and visitors who have been on your webpage in the past.
  4. Video Remarketing – Basic re-marketing type but for people who have recently seen your videos or for people who have visited your website.
  5. Email Remarketing – This type can serve re-marketing display ads across different websites to people who open an email from you.

You can usage one of these types or all of them. Everything depends on your goals and budget.


As you may have noticed, re-marketing is a robust strategy that can increase your sales, collect many new leads, and can be used for your marketing. You can choose from many re-marketing types, or you can discover if there is anything wrong with your website.

We strongly recommend you improve your website and make it simple so you won’t miss any potential customers.

We wish you good luck with re-marketing!

Short Author Bio: Consultant for online business and marketing. Account manager for BlueWinston – Automated product tool for Google Ads and CSS Shopping in EU.

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