Best Mobile App Analytics Tools 2021

Best Mobile App Analytics Tools 2021

Mobile app analytics involves gathering data from mobile platforms like mobile sites and mobile applications and analyzing the data.

Mobile app analytics analyzes and measures the data collected from the user’s interactions with your mobile application.

It plays a vital role in mobile software development life cycle. It helps make data-driven decisions and allows the mobile developers develop the applications as per the user’s experience. You can find a lot of mobile analytics tools online. Tech Place provides a bundle of tools. Let’s have a look at some of the best mobile analytics tools.

1- Mix Panel

Mix Panel is a beautiful mobile analytics tool that does robust analyses to build better products. It closely analyses the behavior and interactions of users with a mobile application. It collects the relevant data and performs an in-depth analysis to guide the teams about the user’s preferences. With this mobile app analytics tools, you will learn better that which features of the application are famous and what improvements other features need.

You will get detailed reports on what kind of users use your app and how it can be made attractive for all users. You don’t need highly trained staff to get the things done as you can design simple workflows to get the answer for every question. It will be easily integrated with your existing applications and sync the valuable data automatically.

2- SmartLook

SmartLook is among the best mobile analytics tools that record your users on the mobile app and find useful information for you. More than 300,000 satisfied users are proof of its credibility. This mobile app analytics tool offers affordable plans with powerful features and even the cheapest plan for $31 per month provides an enormous number of features.

When you create a funnel in Smartlook, you don’t have to wait for the results as it immediately shows how it is performing. You can build custom dashboards with the choice of events and statistics and see the most essential information in one place.

3- Localytics

Localytics is an advanced and powerful mobile analytics tools that allow you to understand the data intelligently. It can dig deep into the customer’s experiences and interactions with the mobile application and extract every vital information. You will get all the valuable information on how the customer is engaging with your brand.

This mobile analytics software analyses what is working for you and what needs attention to grow your brand. Every customer has its unique requirements. This mobile analytics platform is design to get valuable information on user experience so that product can develop accordingly. Create attractive and fully customizable dashboards with visuals for all the essential information.

4- App Radar

A simple yet powerful mobile analytics tool that has been designed for convenient and straightforward use. It is among the few mobile app analytics tools that offer brilliant tutorials on mobile app analytics to optimize your experience.

It is a comprehensive mobile analytics software that provides you tracking for all the key metrics. You can also perform keyword rank tracking, keyword research and a lot more with this one of the best mobile analytics tools. You can use the research keywords feature and get information on what is your competitor’s search strategy.

5- Adjust

You can use this mobile app analytics tool to identify your users and build and healthy user base. This mobile analytics tool can track multiple critical metrics for you including hourly trends, assesses LTV and analyses cohorts. You can avoid all fraudulent activities on your mobile application with its fraud prevention suite.

There is a wide range of data that you can get from this mobile analytics software including churn, ROI, in-app interactions, LTV and event funnels. Get in-depth analyses of user behavior patterns and reassess your app and extend user engagement with the app.