Top trends of enterprise web app development

web application development

Before we talk about the trends of enterprise web application development, let us draw the readers’ attention to how the Internet in general and corporate Internet resources, in particular, has changed in recent years, and what may be required from corporate web solutions today and soon.

Expectations of visitors to corporate sites

web application development

In recent years, unspoken requirements have formed as to which sections should be present on the corporate website:

These sections usually include news;

  • a sitemap or an in-site search tool;
  • means of feedback with visitors – at least an email address or a comment form directly on the site;
  • navigation tools that allow the visitor to understand in which section of the site he is located;
  • company coordinates;
  • rules and guarantees for the use of personal information of visitors filling out various questionnaires and questionnaires;
  • for sites that accept credit card payments – information about the security of this operation.

As a rule, in recent years, site visitors have become accustomed to a more or less generally accepted arrangement of interface elements, not to mention that any site should be displayed correctly in different types and versions of browsers.

According to forecasts of several analytical agencies and Web Design Firm Atlanta. Soon there may begin an increase in the number of new American Internet companies and Internet projects, investments in a significant part of which will be in vain.

Security concerns

It is open that one of the main trends in IT threats of the last decade has been an increase in the number of malicious programs using the Internet as a distribution channel. Recently, there has been an increase in commercial malware and technologies develops for enrichment purposes such as online fraud or theft of confidential information.

The most preferred attack tools today are bots, botnets, and custom or modular malware. Attacks on corporate web applications and user browsers, and other Internet clients, including those for mobile devices, especially smartphones, are widespread.

These problems lead to more serious requirements than ten years ago for the security of web applications and technologies for their creation. And data protection means in the finished software used in the creation of corporate web solutions.


General trends of web application development

web application development

The current year defines by the widespread dissemination of some relatively new types of content, such as blogs and wikis. The growth of the Internet’s daily production activities, in everyday life to consumption of various online services.

According to forecasts of several analytical agencies. Soon there may begin an increase in the number of new American Internet companies and Internet projects, investments in a significant part of which will be in vain.

As for technologies, at the moment, there is a strong trend of transition from web solutions using a small set of client applications to turning most of the software into applications that primarily use the Internet as a data transmission channel – for example, to update software, anti-virus databases sharing data with other applications. Examples of such solutions are the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Google Earth, several Adobe applications. And a significant part of the products included in the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Another trend is the desire to standardize data exchange formats to achieve interoperability between different applications and compatibility with many platforms. An example of this approach is the increasing use of the RSS format.

We are considering that the Internet is the most frequently used channel for sending malicious software today. And Internet fraud is widespread. Soon we should expect an increase in the use of more advanced means of authenticating Internet applications than simple password protection (possibly with using digital certificates or biometric security).

Given that visitors to corporate sites expect to meet certain design requirements. We should expect even greater standardization of site design and the emergence of ready-made products that take into account these standards of templates and other tools for creating sites with a standard design.

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