Top Five SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2021


Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, is the third-largest city in Australia in terms of population with a 2019 registered population of 2,514,184. Brisbane’s city covers 1342.7 square kilometers of land, including 190 mainland suburbs and small islands within the Moreton Bay area. As of 2019, there were over 131,000 registered businesses in Brisbane.

If you are a business owner in Brisbane, the chances are that you have already felt the challenges of competing for market shares. With the pandemic and lockdowns, your business may have suffered some setbacks. However, if your business survived 2020, then you must have done something right. To let your business stay strong in 2021, it is important to change things and adjust the way you do business for this year. Incorporating marketing strategies such as hiring Brisbane SEO based companies will help you adjust to the new business trends. Here are few of the SEO trends for 2021.

Focus on High-Quality Content

Search engines such as Google still considers high-quality content in assigning ranks to websites in their search engine results pages or SERPs. Google will pull your rank down if your content is poorly written and does not meet your users’ needs. When your webpage has high-quality content, your users will spend more time on your website, and they will come back again to check if you have updated content. Google can monitor this, and it will reward your webpage with higher rankings. Bombarding your content with tons of keywords is an outdated technique. Your keywords must flow naturally within your content. You may always get help from a  Brisbane SEO based company to select which keywords to use for your content to generate high-quality traffic from your local market.

Focus on Traffic Intent

Having a lot of traffic to your website is great. However, what type of traffic are you getting? It estimates that the normal conversion rate for all websites is just 2.35 per cent. People use Google for four main intents, namely, informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. People with informational and navigational intents will go to your website and read your content. However, the chances of these users clicking the “Buy Now” button are slim to none. What you need is to attract users with commercial or transactional intents. These users are already in the buying mode. You can adjust your content and use long-tailed keywords to target users with commercial and transactional intent to increase your chances of converting your visitors to paying customers.

Improve Your Expertise, Authority, and Trust

Your company needs to be known as somebody competent within your chosen niche. To do this, you must have content that is written by experts within your industry. Google recognizes content based on facts and frowns upon baseless content, and will punish web pages with inaccurate content with low rankings. You can increase your credibility by enumerating all your achievements and qualifications on your website’s “About Us” page. Likewise, it is best to develop backlinks from reputable websites to your site.

Adapt to Different Screen Sizes

If you have not optimized your website to render seamlessly on mobile devices, you are far behind your competition. There are now a significantly greater number of people who use their smartphones to browse the internet. You should optimize your website to render seamlessly and adapt to different screen sizes to reach a larger audience.

Secure Your Site

People have grown more aware of the need for security and safety when using the internet. A recent study shows that eighty-five per cent of online shoppers will avoid purchasing products on websites that they feel are not safe. It is best to get an SSL certificate and allow only HTTPS links on your website.

While most SEO strategies that worked well in the past are still evergreen. These SEO trends will support your business stay afloat and grow in 2021. If you find it difficult to do these on your own, you can always hire the services of a Brisbane SEO based company to implement these strategies for you.

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