How do I open my twitter bookmarks on my computer?

twitter bookmarks


Have you ever tried to like a tweet or retweet so you can come back to it later? Almost all of us who live at some point in the lives of everyday Twitter users have done so. Not too long ago, Twitter added a little feature called Bookmarks that lets you save and save tweets. So you don’t just have to like and retweet tweets to save them.

The problem is that this bookmarks “section” has a bug in that it is only available in the mobile app version and not the desktop version.

This means you won’t be able to add tweets to your favourites from your desktop or access the ones you’ve already added to your favourites.

In this post, you are gonna learn step by step how to access Twitter bookmarks on your desktop with a practical and straightforward workaround.

Step 1: Open Twitter in Mobile

Visit the mobile browser version of Twitter and sign in. Note that there is a difference between the two versions: the desktop version and the web version for mobile devices. Therefore, it would help if you were connected to the web version so that mobile devices can access bookmarks.

Step 2: Access Twitter Bookmarks Option

When you are signed in, press on your profile picture above. You will notice that a menu opens with the Bookmarks option.

Step 3: View bookmarks

You can now click Bookmarks to view all of your bookmarked Tweets. Right now, it’s the only way to bookmark a tweet from your desktop, and it’s pretty easy to do.


With the above steps and share any tweet, then a menu pops up, showing add tweet to bookmarks.

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