The Most Recommended Antique Pieces You Should Collect

Antique Pieces

Amassing antique items serves as a unique type of investment and a hobby for veteran collectors. For newcomers in this venture, it must be easy to fall in love or become mesmerized by every antique piece in an auction or a vintage shop. With the overwhelming number of choices, you are prone to making a wrong choice.

Although some old-timers show appreciation in almost every item in the collection, they knew the exact article worth their money. As a greenhorn, it’s best to learn from the experts and find a way to desensitize yourself quickly from the grandeur of owning such luxury or antique objects.

We recommend some ideal antique pieces that deserve space in your display room. Our list should guide you about a few vintage collectables that have increasing values as time passes by.

Authentic Oriental Rugs

Hand-knotted carpets made of wool are admired for their beauty, resilience, and ever-growing value. The most expensive antique floor coverings are Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Pakistani rugs, Tribal rugs, and other handmade pieces. Creating genuine rugs can take months depending on the number of knots, the materials used, and the process they undergo.

The value of oriental rugs exponentially increases over time. An authentic hand-knotted carpet may last for up to 50 years. If given extra care, it could remain intact for more than 100 years and serve as a valuable display piece. If you plan to add one of these carpets to your antique collection, you need to take care of these rugs so they can withstand long enough to make superb heirloom pieces for the next generations.

Vinyl Record Players

The current vernacular assumes that turntables and the whole record player are the same. However, the actual turntable is the circular surface where you place the vinyl disc. Acquiring an antique record player is a practical decision, especially if you are someone who can fix issues that may occur, such as signs of rust, the arm’s condition, humming sounds, and whether the stylus needs cleaning or a replacement.

Tetrad cartridges are popular due to their design, reasonable prices, and output ranges. Apart from replacement styli, cleaners made exclusively for needles and vinyl album maintenance can further the equipment’s lifespan. By knowing how to replace these parts and making sure the record player is free from rust or molds, you can purchase these items with confidence that it will do great for you in the future.

Comic Books

If you’ve watched a few episodes of Pawn Stars, you might have seen episodes where the pawnbrokers’ jaws dropped upon appraisal of rare comic books sold to them. However, slight damages could mean dents to the collection’s value.

Collectors, especially avid fans, invest heavily in the storage of their comic books. They don’t touch it with dirty or sticky hands, and they don’t just leave them around the couch for kids or the dog to ruin it. We’ll never know what issue would cost higher in the future, but the law of rarity puts the money on a few surviving comic books from decades ago. Topics from the 90’s already worth a ton as of today!

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Vinyl Albums

Strange as it may seem to the iPod shuffle generation onwards, the numbers of vintage record player enthusiasts have grown through the years. This indisputable fact is the reason why even new songs still get published and sold on vinyl.

Like comic books, proper storage is key to a lasting vinyl. Keeping it dust-free and away from direct heat or sunlight would help retain its good condition. Moreover, you won’t need to frequently clean or replace your stylus if the record is immaculately clear from dirt and micro-debris.