You must have seen a proportion of people use “TFW” as a word on social media, and you must know what “tfw” means and what does tfw mean? You can find full information on this here.

TFW Definition

“TFW” is slang that has been used by people on social media, and its full form is “THAT FEEL WHEN”.  Yes, it’s trendy on social media, but according to grammar journals, it’s wrong.

tfw means

The phrase is used by people between sentences where they share their emotional feeling. It can be associated with someone on social media or someone who is not on social media.

It looks used when you want to express how you felt when the incident happened to you.

No need to confuse; check out the below examples

  • “TFW” You are waiting for somebody, and the person ignores you.
  • “TFW” You feel drowsy, and someone is forcing you to do something you don’t like, but you do it.


What does TFW mean when writing SMS?

I hope the above examples must have provided the answers to your questions. Usually, the acronym uses at the start of the sentence, and then the sentence you want to share is written.

You can also use it with the not-so-trivial phrase if you want, even if the words are unrelated.

This acronym is also used by people on social media, although it is in no way related to the phrase. You will never believe it, but people use this acronym like anything on social media, especially Twitter.

It uses because it works well for sentences with grammatical errors, misspellings, and short forms of other words.

It is mostly used by young people on social media who usually have no problem with spelling or grammar mistakes or whatever.

We know that today the internet is becoming more and more visual with many social media platforms. It leads to the rise of image sharing, video sharing, emojis, the “TFW” is also increasing day by day.

Some of the memes created with the term add here

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TFW – The origin

The origins of slangs are generally indisputable, and it seems to be the same for the acronym “TFW.”

It seems like it could connect to the ‘I Know That Free Bro’ meme, this type of slang makes the characters feel like they are kissing and can handle the other person’s emotions.

We’ve seen that memes have come a long way in helping people express their feelings with others online.

From good to bad, these slangs play a vital role, and because they are so widely used, new people have started to use them as well.

It seems that these memes accept with comprehensive coverage, and so today, everyone is using them to express their emotions.