Everything About Royalty Free Music And Seven Best Sources To Own It

Royalty Free Music

In short, royalty-free music refers to a type of music license that allows the buyer to pay for the music license once and use the music for as long as they want.

For example, you buy a royalty-free music license for a videvo on your website. You pay a one-time price if you have 100 or 10,000 visitors and you use the music for 1 month or 10 years. Or you can purchase a TV advertising license for your new restaurant. You pay once and the ad can run once a week or 50 times a week for 3 months or 5 years. Pay once and use it for as long as you want.

Royalty Free Music

The term “royalty free” is confusing for several reasons. In fact, it simply means “royalty free”. The term contrasts with “rights managed” licenses, in which the buyer pays royalties (license fees) based on the frequency of use and the size of the area. With Rights Managed licenses, or needle drop licenses, you would have to pay a fee each time the music is used, or as the old term says, each time the needle is released. While most royalty free music tracks are from a music library like Premiumbeat.com, they are not synonymous. A stock music library is a music library that offers music that is already in stock, already created, and ready to be licensed and used.

It is NOT free!

It’s “royalty-free” and it’s not free. Like a fat-free biscuit, it’s “fat-free” and not free. Or a “duty free” product isn’t free, it’s just tax free. And yes, some people may be offering their music for free, whether it’s royalty-free or not! For example, a composer can offer you their free music for your college film if their work is credited.

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Videvo offers utterly free video footage and motion graphics to use in any project. Our no-obligation approach has helped us become one of the most trusted sources of free footage on the web.

Royalty Free Music is Not Stock Music

While some people negatively view stock music as cheap “canned music”, it is not at all. It stocks a wide range of high quality music, from very amateur music that is poorly mixed to highly professional pieces of music. Archival music is understood to be in contrast to “bespoke” music created for a specific product: a movie, an advertisement, a TV show … Offer size of the area in a rights-managed or “per use” model.

The Top Websites to Get it:

As a video producer, finding free, legal music for your videos can be challenging. For good quality videos, you want the perfect titles for your videos without violating copyright. Here are 7 sites to get royalty-free music for your videos:


You can use Bensound tracks in your multimedia projects (online videos, websites, animations, etc.) under a Creative Commons license, as long as you credit them with a link to a website.



Beatsuite has a very nifty feature which is very useful for video editors who are looking for background music for their videos that evokes emotions. You can search for soundtracks based on mood, genre, and keyword!


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Hooksounds is home to a highly curated collection of exclusive royalty-freeu  music produced by their select team and contributors. The music here is published under Creative Commons without copyright. You can download and use them for a variety of uses.



Audio Blocks in Story Blocks are a wonderful source of royalty free music. You can search for tracks by mood, genre, tempo, duration, and instruments.

Personally, I love its user interface because you can hover over the tracks and preview.



Free Soundtrack Music offers exactly what it advertises: a royalty-free music library for use in movies, videos, games, or other multimedia productions. Some of the music on the website costs money. However, much of it is marked as free and can be easily downloaded.


Beatpick has a wide variety of licensed music, and if you use it in a non-commercial or non-profit production it’s free. When you have selected a song you want to use, click on “Song License” and select “Non-Commercial Projects”.



You can purchase licenses to use the titles listed on PurplePlanet. They have different licenses for different purposes. Be sure to read the license purchase page!


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