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Reddit Gold

Since its first launch in 2005, the social sharing website Reddit has grown into a go-to place for millions of users around the world. It’s the hub of various niche communities where users can share posts, pictures, videos, and more with other like-minded users.

For real Reddit Gold, there is an exceptional subscription service that can enhance the Reddit viewing experience. This service, formerly called Reddit Gold and now renamed Reddit Premium, has several benefits that are only available to ordinary Reddit users, as we’ll explain later.

What is Reddit Gold?

If you’ve ever been ‘golden’ for a post and have no idea what it offers, here’s your answer – this is the best way to help out on Reddit and get profit in the process.

What is Reddit Gold? Reddit Gold, now renamed Reddit Premium for clarity, is a membership service for the Reddit website that is open to all users and costs $ 5.99 per month.

With a Premium Reddit subscription, the user can opt-out of Reddit ads, display a custom mascot (called Snoos“), change site themes, create member-only subreddits, access the subreddit for Premium R / Lounge and Highlight only. New comments (useful for advanced Reddit users).

You will obtain a special badge to display your premium membership on your profile, perfect for Success Hunters. With a Reddit Premium subscription, you also receive monthly Reddit Coins, which you can use for “gold” or give any contributions or comments you want to support.

The first time you sign up, you’ll receive 1,000 Reddit Coins, 700 per month for each additional month that you remain a subscriber. These can be rummage-sale to give other users their perks, with Reddit Silver, Gold, and Premium rewards available. You can buy additional parts if needed.

Reddit Gold, Silver and Platinum: The Benefits of Reddit Explained

You can spend as many Reddit Coins as you want on each post or comment. The number of coins you wish to devote will determine the prize that Reddit user will receive.

The price of silver is at the bottom of the list and costs 100 Reddit coins. That shows a reward for the post or comment that has no benefit other than supporting that user’s contribution to Reddit.

Reddit Coinsant to go added, you can offer a gold reward. Yes, the name of the old Reddit Premium subscription service stays at that price, which gives the recipient a week of Reddit Premium, 100 coins and a gold label next to their mail. It will cost you as a donor 500 Reddit Coins.

If you truly want to display your support for a user, you want to give them a premium reward. That offers that user a month of premium membership, plus 700 coins and a platinum day on top of their contribution. It’ll cost you 1,800 coins, so you’ll have to save up to spend it or buy extra Reddit coins to cover it up.

While rare to see, you can also gift the Argentium Prize, which costs 20,000 Reddit Coins. It gives the recipient 2,500 of their coins, as well as a three-month Reddit Premium membership.

Other minor prices cost different amounts of Reddit coins. These have their perks, from tags to a small number of Reddit giveaways.

How to Buy Reddit Premium and Reddit Coins

As stated earlier, there are numerous habits to get a Reddit Premium membership. You can either buy one yourself or offer it as a Reddit Gold or Premium reward.

When you buy a subscription to Reddit Premium, you get a certain number of coins that you can spend on other users. However, this may not be enough to offer Reddit Platinum rewards right away, so you can purchase additional Reddit Coins separately.

You can purchase both from the Reddit menu when you sign up.

  1. Log in to your Reddit account, tap your username in the top right corner, then tap Reddit Coins or Reddit Premium. You can also click the Get Coins button to quickly buy more Reddit Coins and fast buy Reddit Coins instead.
  2. To purchase Reddit Premium, click the Get Premium button on the Reddit Premium sales page.
  3. This shows the purchasing options available for your region, including PayPal or direct card payments. Select your preferred payment choice and complete the purchase as directed.
  4. To purchase additional Reddit Gold Coins, scroll down and select one of the options available on the Reddit Coins Sale page. The purchase choices for these Reddit Coins range from 500 Reddit Coins (for $ 1.99) to a all-out of 40,000 coins (for $ 99.99).
  5. You will be rapt to the purchasing options available for your region. Select the payment option you want to use and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the payment.

The Reddit Premium subscription or any additional Reddit Coins you have purchased will be added to your account immediately upon successful payment.

How to give Reddit rewards to other users

You can spend multiple Reddit Coins with a Reddit Premium membership, and you need a way to finish them. The solitary method to do this is to distribute the wealth and use it to give Reddit rewards to other users.

You can do this in any post or comment in any subdirectory of the Reddit site.

  1. Under each post or comment, you will see an Assign Reward button. Touch here to start the donation process.
  2. The “Give a reward” options menu will appear, allowing you to select the reward you want to offer. Select your preferred reward and add a private message to the recipient, or click the anonymize my gift button to keep it secret. Touch Next to continue.
  3. If you do not have enough Reddit Coins, at this point you will be prompted to purchase additional coins. Otherwise, Reddit will ask you to confirm the giveaway. That immediately gives the user the benefits associated with this price.

Getting the most out of Reddit

With a Reddit Premium subscription, not only do you get an ad-free user experience and various other member-only features. But you can also use your free Reddit Coins to help other users and give back to your favourite Reddit communities.

If you want to get the most out of the Reddit user experience, you can use Reddit’s advanced search feature to locate posts and other content that you may have missed. Bad behaviour on Reddit is generally not tolerated. So if your posts aren’t getting the attention they deserve, you may need to ask Reddit for a shadow ban.

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