Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that has grown in popularity in recent years. But what exactly is Patreon, is it right for you, and how can you use it? We will answer all of these questions and more in the following sections.

Patreon was started in San Francisco by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam. Conte’s music videos were viewed millions of times a month, but, he was only making $ 50 a month from YouTube ad revenue. This is why he founded Patreon in 2013. Conte intended to allow artists to monetize their own work after realizing that he was not the only musician struggling to earn music. Money from advertising revenue. So what is Patreon? And above all, how it works?

What is Patreon?

Patreon states itself as a crowdfunding platform for creators because it enables creators to generate consistent and ongoing income from their followers. This funding model makes Patreon particularly well suited for viral video creators, social media creators, online journalists, writers, and musicians.

In short, Patreon gives people the chance to fund their favorite content creators with small amounts of money to get exclusive content that only they, the customers, can get.

Artists, influencers, and basically any content creator or even businesses that have something exclusive to offer can quickly start a crowdfunding project and are well on their way to a more stable source of income for their work. Creative.

Over the past year, Patreon has grown significantly and now has over 1 million active customers per month and 50,000 developers. Not only is Patreon great for content creators and their followers, but it’s also great for advertisers who can easily find influencers who have the most engaged and supportive audience.

How Patreon works

After asking, “What is Patreon?” Having answered, let’s see how it works.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Patreon fans can connect with the people they support, and the relationship is two-way. It’s simple: hosts (creators) create pages for subscription payments from customers (subscribers) by offering certain perks or incentives, and donors can pledge various amounts of money based on those tiers and perks. Creators can also set goals that will achieve when their funding level reaches a certain amount. These goals are not binding and can change at any time. However, they are a great way to get customers to help their favorite creator achieve that goal.

And when subscribers support their favorite creators, they receive exclusive benefits in return. Example, a video artist can offer early access to videos, additional footage for a relatively small monthly fee.

It is the difference between Patreon and other crowdfunding platforms. It’s a one-way street and makes the relationship between designers and their clients the heart of Patreon. It sets them apart and why more and more creators are choosing them as their best and most reliable source of income.

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Who can use Patreon?

Patreon can be used by video artists, podcasters, musicians, filmmakers etc and non-profit organizations, teachers, and developers of all kinds. It helps designers who are just starting a brands. Helps to collaborate with brands to support each other in more stable and sustainable ways. Patreon doesn’t just focus on people.

Companies such as a digital magazine could take advantage of the platform’s subscription service and provide the audience with much more varied content than would typically be the case.

As said earlier, brands and advertisers can use Patreon to understand different developers better and who align with their own vision and message.

Thanks to the platform, they will get a better insight into the size of the creator’s audience and how they interact with each other.

Final thoughts

Patreon welcomes creatives from all niches and backgrounds, but not for everyone or for businesses. Suppose you are doing something that inspires people, Patreon’s platform design, to make money doing what you already love to do.

While not without flaws, It seems to learn from his mistakes and listen to his hosts and customers. So it’s harmless to say that this platform will continue to grow,  and become even better.

Ultimately, there is nothing to lose here. Now that you know what It is and how it works, see if it’s right for you and your audience and stick with it. When you create content, you know that nothing happens overnight.