Can We Use Google Maps Offline?

You find yourself in a strange land, you have heard that hiking is the best way to explore a new city, but only one thing is holding you back: you have no idea where you are going or where you are going. You might have * heard * that Google Maps works offline, but you might not know that even when it’s offline, you can get detailed directions and still know where you are. Here’s how to use Google Maps to get detailed driving directions in almost any city without using data.

Google Maps offline

First of all, Google is the most real. On your phone, you can open Google Maps, search for a city or other landmark, and select Download. You want to do this from a hotel room or better yet – at home – where you have WiFi. It is effortless. Let’s download Singapore for fun.

Google Map

The semi-obvious first step is to find Singapore. When you do this, you will see something like the screen above. Then tap Singapore to display additional menu options.

On the screen above, if you are connected to WiFi, select Download to download a map of the entire area. The map is available even after turning on airplane mode or turning off data. Pretty cool.

To the surprise of many, if you’ve only explicitly turned off location services, your phone will continue to ping if you turn off data (the blue dot) so you can navigate anywhere. Just use the blue dot always to know where you are without using any data. To be very clear, make sure mobile data is turned off before leaving your hotel, Airbnb, etc. No wonder the CIA keeps an eye on it.

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Google Maps addresses

Another unbelievably underrated feature in Google Maps is Places. This feature allows you to save all of your favorite hotspots or attractions in a specific location, from the botanical garden to the bar, with just a few clicks. You can even share the entire list with your friends right away. It is a lot easier than writing a travel recommendation email. If you’re smart enough to search for attractions, restaurants, and bars and make a list before you set off, these locations can show on your offline map. You can use your movement point to plan your route to all interesting places and, most importantly, return to your starting point. It’s easy and free. Here are some cool places in New York to get you started