Welcome to Arkesia, the opening scene of Lost Ark.

Welcome to Arkesia, the opening scene of Lost Ark.

Welcome to Arkesia, the opening scene of Lost Ark.

To enable players with a limited window of opportunity to play the game and provide feedback to the developers, the Lost Ark developers have chosen to host events like the Founder event. Anyone can now buy and play the game because it was recently launched.

Nobody in the gaming community comprehensively understands all the new systems that Lost Ark introduced. You can either follow this tutorial to keep one step ahead of your rivals or join the Lost Ark community and learn about the system together. The game has content for fans of player vs player and player versus environment battles.

Among its features is “Welcome to Arkesia.”

Due to the partnership between Amazon and Smilegate, we can see a few features of the new MMORPG in the gameplay trailer.

Character creation You can alter your character’s performance and appearance before embarking on your journey across the breathtaking land of Arkesia.

System of tripods

Developers have categorized character customization to choose class and career without going bonkers by developing the Tripod system. In Lost Ark, you can increase the skills of each course following your demands.

The impact of each class enhancement on skills varies. While others shorten their cast time, some lengthen their duration. Up to three upgrades can be applied to a single skill, and the skill tree can be reset to redistribute the skill points.

The Arkesia World

According to the Lost Ark myth, dark creators are allegedly assaulting the World of Arkesia, which Kazeros rule, to get their grubby mitts on the Ark. Simply explained, the Ark is an item that maintains the balance of the planet. Still, the lord of the invading nation wants to use the Ark to escape his captivity.

To stop Kazeros from getting what he desires, you must battle evil creatures; otherwise, the world will end. You’ll have a lot of allies fighting with you against the evil lord. Fight after the battle, explore the enormous realm of Arkesia and defeat demonic powers. At sea, you can travel by boat or on foot to explore the area.

Make your ship distinctive so it will stand out in the neighbourhood and be easy to spot from a distance. To maintain your boat always travel-ready, hire a crew. If you endure the test of time to construct your castle and rule over your legitimate kingdom, you will be given your island. In the workshop, make furnishings to adorn your court.

Dungeons, Raids, and Endgame Content

The most crucial component of any MMORPG is dungeons and raids, and Lost Ark has a variety of dungeons to maintain the tradition. Fire-breathing dragons and bosses that you must defeat to advance to your next goal can be found in dungeons.

You can enter dungeons alone or bring along buddies from the game to assist you. Keep a close eye on all the adversaries you can kill because some of them can be avoided by simply leaving the area; they won’t pursue you.

PVP Materials

Even though Lost Ark has a tonne of content, you might get bored of killing creatures from the dark world and want to try something different. Players can now engage in player-vs-player combat to even out all their in-game discrepancies on the field.

To maintain fair play, each PVP participant has access to the same skills, upgrades, and stats as their rivals. There are six players in the PVP arena—three on each team. At level 26, Luterra Castle’s PVP mode becomes available. After completing all tasks, the PVP arena becomes further accessible.

The best strategy is to test all the classes in various scenarios because each class behaves differently in PVP, and choosing the best category each time will help you win the battle.


For various things, you can utilize crystals, gold, silver, and Royal crystals in the Lost Ark economy. You can purchase equipment with gold and use it to reap its rewards. You can either select the simple option of buying lost ark gold from MmoPixel and focusing on other crucial game elements, or you can work hard to keep enough gold in your pocket for gear.

Character Type

There are five character classes in Lost Ark: Martial Artist, Assassin, Gunner, Mage, and Warrior. These classes are further broken down into subclasses according to their occupations. Players should expect a lot of surprises when it comes to character customization in Lost Ark.

There are ranged melee classes in Lost Ark, but other courses will be added in later releases. According to professional players, the finest types in Lost Ark are the Bard, Paladin, and Gun Lancer. However, depending on your preferred gameplay style, they might not suit you.

Advice for Novices

Here is some advice from professional players that you can use to win every battle in the game based on the game’s features above and after viewing the gameplay trailer.

Choose a class that suits your tastes, then begin taking on tasks.

The level cap for your character is 60, and you can level up many characters at once. Concentrate on the primary mission first to earn the most rewards.

To quickly move about the map, use tripods. Earn a free pet, complete a mission in the central hub town. To reset a skill if you’re unhappy with how it worked out.


This serves as the Lost Ark’s introduction with a few features. There is still more to discuss about The Lost Ark’s characteristics. You can easily follow the advice to navigate Arkesia and advance through the game without any problems.

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