DTB Meaning And Uses Of It?

DTB Meaning And Uses Of It?

DTB Meaning And Uses Of It?

DTB stands for “Don’t Text Back” when used in text messages or chats. Typically you add DTB at the end of a message to let the recipient know that no reply is required or that you do not wish to be disturbed. DTB on TikTok can also mean “don’t trust the boys.” In this article, we will let you know about DTB Meaning.

Have you ever seen “DTB” at the end of a text message and wondered what that means? Or maybe you’ve seen it overlaid in a video? While it’s not as common online as other terms, you must know what the sender is asking (or not) you to do.

Don’t Text Back

When displayed in a text conversation or online chat, DTB stands for Don’t Text Back. It’s commonly secondhand by someone who wants to keep the conversation one-sided temporarily or doesn’t need a reply to a message.

It can be used in different situations, especially when you do not want to be disturbed or when you no longer want to continue the conversation. Although this can be difficult to end a message, it can also be secondhand in a friendly exchange. Context is important when using DBT, and its importance is recognized.

The meaning of DTB may not be as well known as other message abbreviations. Thus, when using DTB, it is essential to ensure that the recipient understands it. If your email partner doesn’t know, the response to “DTB” will likely be the opposite of what you asked.

The History of DTB

The use of DTB in the sense of “don’t reply to text messages” has since at least 2008 and probably much earlier. The first definition of DTB added to the Urban Dictionary dates from this period.

Its use probably started in SMS messaging at a time when most cell phone users were on a limited messaging plan. By clearly indicating that no response is required, the sender could prevent the recipient from wasting a message unnecessarily.

While its use originally evolved into SMS messaging, DTB can now be seen everywhere people engage in digital conversations. And as explored above, it’s now used a bit differently than it probably was originally.

DTB on TikTok

What DTB means on TikTok is completely different from what it means in an SMS. When you see it in a TikTok status or comment, it often means, “Don’t trust kids.” It also has a pejorative variant referring to women as “Don’t Trust B***hes.”

You’ll often see it with a hashtag at the end of a post, video, or story about a failed relationship or when someone keeps being upset. This alternative meaning for DTB seems to have started on TikTok but has now spread to other social media platforms.

How DTB is Used in Text

Like the similar online acronyms NR, BRB, or AFK, DTB is secondhand as information or instruction for the interlocutor. But unlike these examples, DTB is not often used alone.


  • “The relationship is over, and I don’t want to see you again. DTB”
  • “We’ll talk later; I’m in a meeting. DTB”
  • “I’m going to bed now. If you see this, DTB.”

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