How to produce company videos without breaking the bank!


Long considered an area of marketing for only the biggest companies with huge budgets, making your first journey into making videos can be a

Video marketing can be both an exciting topic for marketers and business owners and a daunting one. Long considered an area of marketing for only the biggest companies with huge budgets, making your first journey into making videos can be a big step.

But it is a best step, and a well-made video can do wonders for your company’s sales and brand awareness. The choice has now shifted from whether to produce videos or not to which videos to make and which agency to use to help you produce them.

This article aims to help you with process and make life easier when thinking about an animated video agency to bring your firm’s products and services to life.


Choosing your agency

As with every buying choice, the process of looking for a corporate video production agency starts with an online search. Try to look for and shortlist a few agencies with work  you can associate with and publish a good number of case studies of their previous work and satisfied customers.

Start with a budget in mind for your videos, and be clear to your chosen agencies what that budget is. Video can be an expensive game if you get it wrong, but it can be just as affordable as any other form of digital marketing if you get it right.

Look for a company that is good to work with, has good, adaptable skills. And is interested in making the videos that you want and not treating it as a creative license to produce exactly what they want to.


Set out your objectives

Be clear about your goals for the video. Are you looking to create brand awareness, generate leads, or immediately convert video views into online sales? Ensuring that you know this means your video can be custom-made to achieve your objective.

Also, be clear about your target buyers’ personas. What are their hooks, and what are they looking for help with? Be clear about these goals and how you are going to convert your buyers. Align your videos with your broader marketing strategy. And align with the right type of agency to be able to harness these objectives into a 2-minute format that will be enticing to your potential buyers.


An end-to-end partner

From the conception of the video and topics for it in the pre-production process to post-production editing, you need an agency that can partner with you throughout the process. If you already have particular ideas for your video, discuss with your shortlisted agencies and see how geared up they are to produce this kind of work. You need to feel comfortable that your agency can bring ideas and business DNA to life effectively and engagingly.


Communication is key

You need to be able to work with an agency that you connect with and can work with. Are they open to regular calls or meetings throughout the project?

Before you engage an agency, be sure how they work and do not try to rely on email for a volume-based production model. For video to be effective, they need to understand your business and what drives it.


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What skills are you looking for from your agency?

Be very clear from the outset what type of role you envisage for your chosen agency. Whether you are looking for a conventional style video with real footage shot on various locations or contemporary animated style video. Discuss this in advance with your contact.

When you do this, have a conversation about the results you want from your videos. And consider whether they are set to encourage people to buy a low-value impulsive product straight away. Or whether they are designed to be the first interaction in a longer sales cycle.

For companies providing services short explainer videos for LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media channels can be effective top-of-the-funnel content designed to get prospects to ask for a free trial or a demo of the solution. In these instances, a strong call to action at the end of the video is advisable. And from there, you can also track the ROI of the video on an extremely granular basis.

Discuss this level of detail with your bookmarked agencies before you decide which one to commission. It will ensure all parties know the expectations before any contracts are signed.