Ping is a measurement of how long it takes for a packet to travel from the computer you are using, across the Internet, and back. Ping can be measured in milliseconds (ms). You can try testing ping at The lower your ping, the faster information will appear on your screen after clicking a link or navigating to another website. Here in this article, we will discuss different ways on how to improve ping:

1) Switch internet Service Providers (ISP)

Most gamers would recommend changing your ISP if the ping times are still high despite everything you have tried so far. Some ISPs operate with better routing than others do. If you live near an area where several ISPs are operating, it may be best to try one or two other providers and see if the ping times improve.

2) Find a server with good routing

One quick way to check if you are routed to a bad ISP is by checking which servers your ISP uses for routing. You can do this by looking at the IP addresses of each server. Usually, ISPs that operate in certain geographical areas use specific servers for their users in that area. The faster connection maybe because they get dedicate bandwidth from the game operators. If you think your ping times could be improved by sending connections through another ISP, it may be worth trying out some other servers and seeing how much improvement there is.

3) Get a better router

This may seem like an obvious solution since routers are need for home gaming. However, not all routers will work well with your current ISP and connection speed. Some may be old and need to be replaced too.

4) Add more bandwidth

If you have a monthly data cap or a restriction on the amount of data you can download each month, then it may be best to check if there is any way you can increase the limit of your account. For example, some ISPs, such as Comcast, offer different tiers of service, which allow for higher speeds and more bandwidth usage before charging an overage fee. You can call them up and see what they offer that fits into your budget. Since many gamers know that lag due to insufficient bandwidth is usually due to heavy bandwidth usage from other gamers or faulty data routing, increasing speed and bandwidth should allow for a more stable connection.

5) Upgrade your network hardware

You can try updating your computer’s network adapter and your home router to obtain higher speeds. This may impact the stability of the connection, though be careful not to update too many parts at once. You can also try going back to a wireless adapter that supports 802.11ac if you are using a slower adapter model such as 802.11g or even go all out and upgrade to something like the ASUS PCE-AC68, which is one of the most powerful adapters on the market today (and expensive too). A faster connection can also help you avoid lags due to heavy bandwidth usage.

6) Adjust TCP/IP settings

Some gamers gaveĀ  report that success disabling the Teredo tunneling adapter, which is normally install on most computers nowadays. Usually, this is an IPv6 connection that allows you to use IPv4 up until the point where it starts causing lag spikes in your games. It may be worth checking out how to disable this connection if you think it affects your game ping times.

Adjusting TCP/IP properties can also help improve the performance of older routers which are no longer being made by dropping speed down to ‘Auto Detect’ and unchecking all options under IP addresses except ‘Obtain IP address automatically. You can set the subnet mask to and the gateway to your router’s IP address.

7) Update drivers

Similar to updating network hardware, you can try updating drivers for your home router and those for your network adapter on a computer if there are newer versions available from the manufacturer’s website. Usually, this is done automatically without installing any special tools or third-party software, which makes it safe for anyone to attempt. You should update all of your drivers regularly regardless of whether games use them or not.

8) Run diagnostics

If there is anything wrong with the set up in your home, then running a few tests may help find what is causing latency issues between you and the game servers. Some ISPs will allow users to run a speed test and even offer assistance with connection issues if the results show that there is a problem.

This allows them to determine which hardware needs to be replace or repair to get the best connection possible. Without this, you won’t know what to expect from your ISP. You can also try running an internet speed test yourself to check if your ISP’s servers perform as advertised. If they aren’t, then trying another server and trying again may help give you a better idea of whether it is worth calling up support for help instead of just assuming disconnects and lag mean nothing can be done about it unless you switch providers entirely.

9) Lockdown your router

You should create a separate user account with limited access, such as ‘guest,’ that you use when attempting to connect to the Internet from a computer. By limiting what your guest account can do in changing settings on your router, it is much less likely for someone to accidentally mess up their connection by modifying the wrong setting without knowing exactly what they are doing. Having separate user accounts also lets you monitor bandwidth usage and block network access for specific users if there are any concerns about one person using too much.

10) Get an extender or range extender

If you have trouble getting a stable connection in certain parts of your home, supplementing with either a wired or wireless transmission device may help solve this problem. Many gamers have been known to use these devices, especially for LAN parties where there could be dozens of computers trying to connect to the same router at once. Having one extender wirelessly relay your connection can allow you to get an additional connection point with no wire clutter whatsoever.

In conclusion, many factors come into play when determining the ping to a website. For your site to load quickly and effectively, you must have a fast internet connection. A good quality router or modem with strong signal strength, and no other devices on your network using bandwidth. If any of these things could be improve upon, we recommend implementing the changes as soon as possible to improve performance.

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