How to Clear Clipboard on Android

how to clear clipboard

Most people use Android today. As this technology shows its rapid development, its innovation is one of the most sought after things in the market. Using Android is as easy as using a computer. For example, the copy and paste function. Sometimes when you read an article, you want to copy part of it. But then again, you feel so crowded with this stuff. Hence, it is also necessary to know how to clear clipboard on Android.

As already mentioned with copy and paste, we will show you the two ways to create and then delete the clipboard on Android. These things people do for texting or saving a document. Check out the two methods below to make your day-to-day work easier.

Copy-paste to clipboard on Android

First of all, you must find the text or part you want to copy. It could be from any source, such as website or text content. Then, do a long press to the text or content. There will be a blue mark that appears on it. But if you want to copy all part, tap “select all” after long press.

Once the text or content is highlighted, click the “Copy” button. You can then leave this page and navigate to where you want to insert it. If you don’t have specialized apps like Microsoft Word or Text Manager, you can do so in the Notes app. Now open the app and long press again. The “Paste” button appears. Click on it, and all of the part you highlighted will place it there. Remember to save it unless you lose it. Just no?

Steps How to Clear Clipboard on Android

It’s time to take step by step action to clear clipboard on Android. Each phone has its capacity. It makes people selective about whatever they save. Whether photos, videos, including documents. Even if you copy and paste a short part, then move it to a note, it will still use your phone’s memory. While it doesn’t require a large number, it still needs to be managed. See the steps we hear below:

1. Access the file

The first step in clearing the clipboard on Android is to select the file. It depends on your goal. If you want to delete a clipboard, it means that you delete all of its contents. Or, you might want to delete a small part. In any case, find the file first.

2. Select the part

Removing the clipboard is the same for copying and pasting. You need to long-press on the part you want to delete. Like I said if you want to delete the whole part (i.e. a file), long-press the icon. However, if this is just a specific part, you need to open the file first. Then select the part to mark.

3. Choose Delete

Once you’ve highlighted the area, options will appear. The display is generally the same as when copying. But here you have to choose “delete” or “delete” (or whatever means deleting the part). Tap on the part, and everything and the marked one is deleted.

4. Find the menu

This part is not the ongoing process from the previous issue. But we’ll put it here in case your phone has a different setting or display. This part could be an option to clear clipboard on Android. If you don’t see an option after highlighting the content, you may find the delete button in the menu. Usually, it is in the upper right corner. Tap on it, and you will find a button to delete it.

5. Delete all

This number is also optional if you want to copy everything that has been copied. In several versions of Android, the user can clear all clipboard history. It’s easier when you want to empty your phone. Yes, sometimes you need more storage space than you have to sacrifice multiple pieces of data.

If you want to do this, you will need to access the clipboard history. You can then delete everything that is on the clipboard by merely pressing the “Delete” button. Following this path would be more effective and efficient. You don’t have to select and mark files individually. It takes time. Pressing once will return your memory as the amount of data deleted.

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Since we are discussing how to clear clipboard on Android, we have some tips to get you started with best practices:

Make sure the part or file you want to delete. Once you press on the delete button, you will lose the file or its contents permanently.

You should do this with a full battery and clear the history. If your phone is turned off during treatment, you will likely need to repeat the steps from the start.

Perform regular reviews to manage your files. Sometimes it is tough to get rid of a particular file. They fear that this will be necessary for the future. Then manage your file by choosing which ones are necessary and which are not. If your storage space is empty, you can switch to another device or external storage.