Employing An AdWords Management Company to Build Your Business


How many business owners or senior directors realistically get time to run marketing campaigns or set up Google AdWords? In reality, the answer is not many. Even firms with marketing teams can find it difficult to dedicate the time and expertise to focus on creating and managing AdWords.

Effective Google AdWords campaigns need some time and attention. It involves setting the right keywords, creating ad copy, and building optimized landing pages to convert prospects once they have clicked. Failure to do this means you are likely to create no leads or irrelevant leads and waste the chance to grow your revenue.


Working with an expert Google AdWords Consultant

It may seem tempting to have a go on your own with Google AdWords. But unlike other aspects of digital marketing, getting AdWords right needs time, patience, and expertise. Most firms do not have these skills or resources in-house, so hiring an outside expert makes sense.

Think of a good AdWords management company as an investment. Google has the potential to bring you more qualified leads than almost every other marketing channel. It is much better to focus most of your energy and budget on AdWords consulting services than to spread your budget too thinly on many activities.

AdWords management services can get your campaigns off and running and optimized to deliver the best possible results straight away. Working with an expert enables you to rest assured that you are paying for leads for the best keywords that your potential buyers are using.

Hiring externally also ensures that you can have your finger on the pulse of your campaigns as they progress. Fine-tuning a keyword here or there can make a massive difference to your conversion rate. It can mean you go from getting the wrong type of clicks to the best possible prospects in plain English. Small details such as inserting a negative keyword or two can also save your precious budget from irrelevant clicks.

Be honest with yourself and ask whether it is realistic for you or a member of your team to skill up and dedicate the time to do this. If not, the answer is to hire an external consultant.


Onboarding your AdWords management company

Once you have made your choice, arrange to brief your chosen consultant on your business. You need to go into detail and tell them in detail about your firm. It should include how you started, who you sell to, and the type of products and services you offer. From there, if you have recruited well, your AdWords management company will be able to tailor your campaigns accordingly.

Next, get a plan in place. Inform your agency of your budget and expectations for lead volumes. Consider what you are looking for from leads. Whether you are looking for immediate purchase or to offer a demonstration, your call to action will determine the success of your campaigns.

eCommerce firms can use Google AdWords to promote seasonal voucher codes, product-led promotions, or discount days. Targeting competitors’ keywords are one way to do this, or you can also choose to focus on product-led keywords.

For firms selling B2B, getting your prospects into a buying cycle is often the goal of AdWords campaigns. It means your Ads need to be tailored to creating that first step, such as requesting a free trial or downloading a datasheet. Many B2B sales will need the input of more than one decision-maker or influencer, so take this into account with your campaign creation.

A well-executed AdWords campaign can also provide good brand awareness for your company. Simply ‘being there’ when people search relevant keywords is valuable even if they do not always click the links.


Hiring the best Google AdWords management services

You have made a smart choice to hire a Google AdWords consultant.

When you have decided to invest, spend some time recruiting just as you would for hiring a new staff member. It will ensure you do not waste a cycle on recruiting and onboarding the wrong agency.

Google AdWords are a vital part of your marketing strategy, so the time investment is worthwhile. Knowing your Ads are in good hands will maximize your budget and ensure that you capitalize on all the relevant searches for your keywords. It also helps to mitigate the danger that your competitors have an aggressive keywords strategy in place to lure clicks away from your firm.

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