7 women’s day gift ideas for tech savvy women in your life


We all have women in our lives who have helped us grow, become better version of ourselves and helped us answer questions about life that we were still searching for in vain. Women in all walks of life play a great role in a society. They are an empathetic yet strong foundation of our homes and personal lives. While they deserve to be pampered every day of their lives, we owe them at least one day of happiness, pampering and celebration that is on women’s day.

There is a misconception that every woman is interested in jewelry, handbags, clothes, and every gift that are more “lady-like.” Rarely, women are associated with technology and gadgets. However, this is often not true. Women can be tech savvy. In fact, during a survey, 22.2 percent of female respondents said they agree with the statement that they are as tech savvy as they could be. Most often women just accept these gifts succumbing to the stereotypes the society has confined them to. They can like tech savvy gifts.

So, this women’s day let’s give her the gift she needs by breaking the stereotypes the society has caged her in. Here are a few tech savvy gift ideas for your mother, sister, or wife because she deserves them.

Smart Jewelry

This is the best thing that you can gift to the special woman in your life. It is elegant, classy, and useful. Not only can she flaunt the appealing designs available in the market, but it can be of great help to her. For example, a fitness tracker that helps her out in her morning workout routine. Another thing that you could give her is a smart necklace. This necklace is water resistant, receive alerts and best of all snap selfies. Other smart jewelry gift ideas include Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker, Apple Watch Hermès Leather Double Tour, and Kate Spade New York activity tracker.

A high tech hair dryer

What could be better than gifting her something that would make her smile with the thought of you on a bad hair day. A hair dryer is a much needed accessory for every woman’s dressing table. There are a lot of hair dryers available in the market each with their unique features. A good hair dryer like the Dyson Supersonic could be a great gift. It may be a little too much on your pocket, but it is definitely worth the smile that it brings on her face every morning when she styles her hair.

Instant camera

An instant camera can be a great gift for a woman. If she likes to capture the moments of her life in pictures, this may be the best gift. There are some instant cameras available in the market. Some also come with additional features such as filters. Some cameras you could consider include:

  • Polaroid Originals OneStep+
  • Instax mini 11
  • Fujifilm instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC
  • Fujifilm instax WIDE 300
  • Lomo’Instant Wide
  • Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6


While the things we have mentioned may make great gifts for the special women in your life, they may still not be very attractive to a bookworm woman. There could not be a well present than an E-reader for such women. This is the best present that she can get to cherish the little “me-time” she has for herself in the middle of a busy day. Words can be extremely powerful and can instantly turn a bad day into a happy one. So gift her those special moments of the day and watch her smile as she remembers you while she enjoys her e-books. All she would require is a good internet package and for that you could recommend her First Energy Package.

Wireless charger for her phone

How many times have you seen her frustrated because her phone has run out of battery? Even worse is when she fumbles around looking for a charging lead. A wireless charger may be a thoughtful gift for a strong woman in your life so she doesn’t waste her spare the time looking for a charger and follow her dreams and ambitions seamlessly. Many women are too busy looking after house, work, or children to become careless with their own things. Let her know how superior she is in your life and see how delighted she is to receive this thoughtful gift.

Smart mug

This present could be great for someone who begins their day with a hot cup of coffee. There could be nothing better than having a hot cup of coffee on your bedside while your alarm keeps chirping on snooze. These mugs are designed in a way that your beverage stays warm for a longer time. This present can be ideal for someone who enjoys their tea or coffee contemplating about the world, or simply haves it as their morning fuel for the day.

Touchscreen gloves

Yes they exist! How cool is that to gift it to the special women in your life. It can be so annoying to have a touchscreen phone when you are out and about in freezing temperatures and your phone rings. The frustration when you have to take off your gloves and by the time you do it, the phone stops ringing. Gift her these special gloves so she no longer has to go through this frustration in chilled weather. This could be a great gift if you live in a place where it remains cold for most of the year.

Final conclusion

This article could be a great help if you are looking to surprise your mom, sister or wife this women’s day. However, make sure you cherish her and her efforts every single day. To all the women who have made our lives better, beautiful, and happier, wish you a “Happy women’s day.”

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