10 Most Important Google Ranking Factors: Beginner Should Know

Google Ranking

Generally, more than 200 SEO ranking factors help a website appear better in the search result. So, to appear on top, you need to optimize your website to meet all these factors. But don’t you worry; for a beginner, there are just ten essential SEO factors that you need to work on to improve your google ranking. Check them out here.

Site security

It is an essential ranking factor of Google.  Site security uses HTTPS encryption, which helps safely connect the user and a website. Further, it provides an extra layer of protection to protect information exchanged between the user and the sire. Search engines consider a trustworthy site. The HTTPS on your site will show that your site is secure, and thus you will get more recognition.


A search engine cannot rank the website if it isn’t ranking good. Thus, site crawlability is an essential SEO ranking factor which allows the search engines to crawl the website while reviewing its content. This search engine understands the page and how it should be ranked.  So, let search engines crawl your page for better results.


In today’s time, it is the essential things a website owner needs to have. A mobile-friendly website is necessary to ensure the users have a good experience. For this, you need a responsive design that adjusts according to varying screen size.

Page load speed

A slow-loading website can offer a user a bad experience. Thus, you will not get the desired number of visitors. It is because search engines know users want to get the answer as quickly as possible. So they prefer the fast loading sites, which is even more real for a mobile website. To ensure your site loads quickly, you can use a site speed checker.

User engagement

Search engines take help from the users to help them find the top pages to be ranked. For this, they consider the way the users interact with the website. Google uses click-through rate, bounce rates and time on site to check if the results are valuable to the user.

High-quality content

Posting fresh and attractive content is one of the best ways to attract search engines and get more visitors to your website. So if you wish to increase your visibility, make sure to post only fresh content.

Optimized content

To ensure the search engine recognizes your website, you need to start using on-page SEO factors. Using a specific keyword to optimize the content, you can let the search engines know your niche and where it stands.

Structured data

It is yet another technique by which you can let search engine what your page is about. Structured data is the microdata included in the backend of a web page, which helps search engines know how to interpret and classify the content.  It is essential because it can lead to featured snippets in the search, increasing click-through rate and rankings.

Consistent business listings

Search engine ranks profitable those brands whom they believe authoritative, credible and trustworthy. Therefore, you must have

  • Google My Business page
  • A business profile on industry-related directory sites
  • Consistent use of NAP across business profiles

Backlink profile

Another method used for informing the search engine is that you have an authoritative and credible website. The amount or quality of links pointing to your website is an off-page SEO factor that significantly impacts your search ranking.

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Now that we know the essential SEO ranking factors, it is time that you optimize the website to the best. However, managing things on your own can be quite challenging. It is why it is better to contact a reputable digital marketing services company like LeadsDubai and get the necessary update and Optimization. With its expert technicians, the company will offer you suggestions and help increase your site ranking significantly.