You Have Unread Messages! 10 Benefits of Emails That You Should Read About



In 2020, over 300 billion Emails were sent and received, which shows how reliant we are on this technology.

Emails are a great way to stay linked with loved ones, especially when they live across the globe. Perhaps you feel like sending emails is outdated, and you’re not convinced it’s worth it.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, we’re here to change your mind. Here are the ten benefits of email.


One of the top benefits of using email is that it’s efficient. You know that once you hit “send,” the email will reach the recipient within minutes or, at the very least, in several hours. It is far more effective than sending a fax or traditional post, which could take days.

Further, your email provider automatically saves this entry, so you needn’t store it in a physical book. And, if you’re a business, you and your team can use an email template, so everyone maintains a corporate tone.

Plus, there’s little chance of human error, so you don’t have to comb through the message to find grammatical issues. And because you copy and paste the news, you’ll save a considerable chunk of time that is better used for other areas of your business.

  1. Free to Use

“Should I use email?” You ask.

The beauty of emails is it doesn’t affect your budget because it’s universally accessible. All you want is an internet connection, but apart from that, you can send unlimited emails across the world, irrespective of the size or type of document.

Plus, you can block people you no longer want to contact. You can learn how to do this here:

  1. Boosts Sales

You may wonder, “is email outdated?” but you will guarantee that maximum businesses control the power of email marketing to reach their target audience.

Email marketing campaigns let you feature promotions or a recent product launch, so customers can click through and make a purchase. You can also send automated emails to remind prospects that they’ve abandoned their cart or send a follow-up survey to ask for feedback.

  1. Easy Referencing

In the email vs. instant messaging debate, know that both are fantastic for saving references so you “have receipts.”

Enter the recipient or subject title into the search bar, and you can retrieve messages easily. It is far easier than sifting through paperwork or information scribbled on sheets of paper.

And because you have an enormous amount of storage, you needn’t worry about deleting essential messages like you would with a phone. So in the email vs. texting debate, email gets the point.

  1. User-Friendly

Emails are user-friendly, a massive bonus for technophobes. Send an email, enter a recipient, add a subject, and write a message before hitting send.

It’s also easy to view new messages, as you receive a notification with visible contact details.

  1. Accessible 24/7

As long as if you have an internet connection, you can receive and send emails. And nowadays, users can install an email app so you can shoot off messages from your smartphone. It is fantastic if you’re often traveling and need to contact the office or your loved ones.

Also, you can set up an email automation message, so people know you’re on vacation or out of the office for a certain period.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

In the U.S, an average person uses between 250 to 300 kilograms of paper every year, whether it’s at work or home. This staggering statistic shows we must reduce this number by going paperless whenever possible.

Enter: emails.

Because you send messages via an electronic service, you save money and trees in the process. It’s a win-win!

  1. Can Add Attachments

A fantastic feature of emails is how you can attach a document and send this to multiple people simultaneously. You can add photos, videos, music, and document or PDF files for free.

Check your internet provider to see if there is a limit to the email attachment size, but most accommodate a large file. Or, in the worst-case scenario, send these attachments over several emails, so your recipient receives them in a timely fashion.

  1. Increases Leads

Businesses use email marketing to increase leads, as it lets you nurture relationships and improve conversions. It also means you don’t waste time on dead-end prospects as you can track who opens your emails or clicks the link.

Plus, you can drive traffic to your website via email, which will boost SEO. But make sure every message contains a call-to-action (CTA) and adds value to the consumer, so they don’t mark you as junk or spam.

  1. Can Send Personalized Content

In your emails to customers, personalize each one by adding the recipient’s name in the subject line. Studies show that doing this increases open rates by 50% and result in a 58% higher click-to-open rate.

You should also segment your contact list so you can send relevant content to the right clients. For example, if you want to reach returning customers, you’d use a different email marketing campaign than with a prospect.

Further, emails let you tailor every message, so it aligns with your brand identity. And you can change images, copy, and the subject line to boost your engagement.

These Are the Main Benefits of Email

Hopefully, you now know the top benefits of email.

It’s a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly way to connect with others across the globe. Email is also fantastic if you’re a business and want to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Download your desired provider’s app or email your loved ones via your browser. Happy messaging!

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