Why Your Organization Needs to Hire an External SaFe® Program Consultant


SPCs are integral to the change process, especially if you want to make sure it’s long-lasting in your organization. SaFe® Program Consultants are leaders who eliminate obstacles, set the vision, and guide the way to success. They are change agents who know how to handle certain process changes. They are also experts at making quick, analytical, and best possible decisions. With an SPC Certification, comes the promise of great leadership and the capability of steering an organization to its success. If you are wondering whether your enterprise needs to hire SPCs, it probably does and here are more reasons as to why:

For Successful Transformation 

For enterprises to fully benefit from Scaled Agile. They will take expert guidance and assistance from SPCs in transforming their existing agile practices into Scaled Agile practices through the adoption of SAFe®. Typically, SPCs will have similar experiences and have already completed transformation consulting projects in the past. An SPC expert with a history of implementing such changes will provide Enterprise leaders the needed peace of mind.

Wise Expenditure

 It is often more expensive to hire an SPC as an employee than to use one as a consultant because you will need to pay for compensation benefits, technology, a better workspace, etc. Additionally, SPCs are often hired for a specific Scaled Agile transformation, so they will be paid for just the period they are hired, whereas SPC employees remain permanent. SAFe® consulting rates, on the other hand, are determined by the type of SAFe® consultants you hire and your expectations of them in completing the Scaled Agile transformation. SAFe® consultants are typically time-bound and contractual, so you can hire them on a contract basis and pay them accordingly.

Third-Party Feedback

 In most cases, hiring an external SAFe® consultant is more effective than hiring one internally. An external SPC can provide clarity on increasing productivity and efficiency, enhancing business agility, and enhancing enterprise-level growth.

Better Experience

In comparison to internal SPCs, SAFe® consultants hired as externals come with a mix of experience from business, technology, and Agile process management. As a result, enterprises will have a variety of options in the market to choose the best one according to their needs, and that too within a prescribed time, which reduces the risk of wrong selection.

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Starting With a Clean Slate

An SPC Certification offers plenty of new opportunities and skills. SPCs who are Leaders/Mentors likely receive a clear view of how to adapt agile at the enterprise level. If you are the head of a lean startup. It will help you align your product vision with the release time strategy. Thus external SPCs are especially essential to startup organization trying to stabilize themselves into a steady and effective path and prosper into a great success. 

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