5 Do’s & Don’ts of Text Message Marketing to Follow 

5 Do's & Don'ts of Text Message Marketing to Follow

5 Do's & Don'ts of Text Message Marketing to Follow

Text message marketing that works effectively offers a great deal of value for firms that are trying to engage with their audience. It provides a direct line of communication with customers, making it possible for companies to effortlessly share specials, updates, and essential information with those customers. However, in order to make the most of this potent weapon and reap its rewards, it is essential to navigate the dos and don’ts of text message marketing in an adept manner. 

1.Do: Get The Appropriate Consent To Proceed 

It is necessary to secure the appropriate approval from the recipients of any text message marketing campaign before beginning the campaign. This entails obtaining the people’s express permission before sending any form of marketing communication to them. This can be accomplished through opt-in methods on your website, at the point of sale, or by asking clients to text a keyword to a predetermined number in order to subscribe. In the United States, rules such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) make obtaining a customer’s consent not only a recommended best practice but also an obligation under the law. If consent is not obtained, this might result in substantial penalties and other legal complications. 

2.Don’t Send Unwanted Messages To Your Subscribers 

Spamming your subscribers is one of the most significant errors that you could make when engaging in text message marketing. Customers may become irritated and choose to opt out of receiving messages if you send too many of them too regularly. Maintain the value and pertinence of your communications. It is important to refrain from sending daily promotions to your subscribers. Send messages that give true value instead, such as exclusive discounts, critical information, or personalized recommendations. 

3.Do: Make Sure You Divide Up Your Audience 

Customers are individuals, each with their own set of unique characteristics, including hobbies and inclinations. In order to offer customized messages to your audience, effective text message marketing requires audience segmentation. Through the use of expert SMS marketing services such as SlickText, you are able to target your messaging to certain groups on the basis of characteristics such as demographics, purchasing history, or location. This strategy improves the relevance of your messages and raises the percentage of people who engage with them. Your audience can be segmented in a variety of ways, including by demographics, region, purchase history, and other factors. 

Because of this, you will be able to deliver highly targeted messages to particular groups, which will increase the relevancy of the offers you provide. 

4.Don’t: Ignore The Sentence Timing 

When you send your text messages can have a major impact on how effectively they are received. Sending messages to receivers at inconvenient times can aggravate them, which may result in them opting out of receiving further communications. When scheduling messages, it is important to take into account the time zone and routine of your audience. Testing with A/B can help you find the best times to send messages in order to get the most out of them and maximize their impact. 

5.Do: Create Content That Is Captivating To Read 

Your SMS messages ought to be clear, attention-grabbing, and get right to the point. Develop content that is both intriguing and attention-grabbing in order to motivate your readers to take some sort of action. Make use of language that is convincing and specific calls to action (CTAs). Keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of space, so you need to make every word count. 

6.Don’t: Ignore The Compliance Procedures 

The marketing of products or services using text messages is governed by a number of rules and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. Verify that the marketing strategies used by your company do not contravene any of these laws. Make it easy for people to opt-out, respond quickly when they ask to be removed from your mailing list, and preserve a record of their consent.  

7.Do: Evaluation Of The Outcomes 

You need to assess and analyse the results of your text message marketing plan in order to make it more effective. Tracking open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and client feedback can be accomplished with the use of analytics software. The analysis of these data will assist you in honing your strategy and perfecting your campaigns so that you achieve greater outcomes. 

8.Don’t: Ignore The Importance Of Mobile Optimization 

Because mobile marketing via text message is in its very nature mobile, you need to be sure that your messages are formatted correctly for mobile devices. Employ a responsive design, meaning that it adjusts to multiple screen sizes, and make sure to test your messages on a variety of devices to verify that they appear appropriately. 

9.Do: Put Your Spin On Your Messages 

Personalization is a powerful tool that can dramatically boost the efficacy of your text message marketing. Address the recipients by their given names and make use of data-driven insights to personalize the content of your communications to the preferences and actions of the recipients. Personalized communications have a greater chance of resonating with your audience and driving the actions you want them to do. 

10.Don’t: Saturate Them With Too Many Offers 

Although promotions and offers are necessary components of text message marketing, overwhelming your recipients with an excessive number of offers might lessen the impact of each offer. In order to avoid overwhelming your recipients, keep each communication focused on one or two enticing offers at the most. 


If not handled properly, marketing via text message has the potential to be an effective and useful instrument; nevertheless, it also has the potential to backfire. By adhering to these five do’s and don’ts, you will be able to develop a successful strategy for marketing via text messaging that will engage your audience, boost sales, and be in compliance with applicable legislation. 

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