How do I connect my Smart phone to my Smart TV?

You can do everything from your Smart phone. From social media to video streaming to games, Smart phone are hubs for entertainment. But there is a problem. Even if you have the largest Samsung phone, the screen size is less than 7 inches.

Fortunately, streaming from your Android phone to your TV has never been easier. These are the best ways to get started in seconds.

Why should you stream from your phone?

Phones these days can perform much better than other devices. Anyone who has ever had the pain of entering a show name with a TV remote knows this.

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You can use your faster LTE connection or streaming accounts that you only have on your phone. Either way, using your phone makes it much easier to access your favorite content. At the same time, the advantages of a much larger screen where you can see everything are reserve.

1) Use Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or similar products

You can buy a variety of different products that will allow you to connect your phone to your TV. Google Chromecast is the best combination of value, ease of use, and versatility. You connect the Chromecast directly to your TV, connect your phone through the Google Home app, and you’re good to go

This approach is especially useful for older TVs. They might not have smart features, but they still have HDMI ports. The Chromecast is also small, so it’s great for streaming your favorite shows when you’re on the go.

The Amazon Firestick is a great finalist and great for Prime subscribers. Apple TV and Roku offer similar functionality. But they are more exclusive and less portable.

2) Stream with screen mirroring apps

Some apps may not have a Cast button. For these, Android Screen Mirroring is the right solution. You will still need the Chromecast or another dongle to use it. But then you can go to your settings to mirror your screen for other apps and games. You can also find this choice in the Google Home app.

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The only downside to screen mirroring is that some apps may not be sensitive to your TV. But it’s still better than using your phone screen.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, you can use the Samsung Galaxy Smart View feature, which works even better than standard screen mirroring.

3) Check your smart TV

If you have a smart TV, it can already have a built-in stand to connect your phone. In these cases, you need to connect your smartphone to your TV via Bluetooth or WiFi. If there is no built-in option, you may be able to download an app from your TV’s app store.

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4) Find an adapter

It’s firm to believe that you still need an adapter in 2020. However, if the other options don’t work for you, an adapter might be your best option. You can find a variety of options on Amazon, including USB-C to HDMI and Micro SD to HDMI cables. These can be allied with your phone and TV.

You can then access your smartphone using the HDMI output settings. While not that convenient, you can charge your phone while streaming. You can also bypass digital rights management (DRM) content.

5) Stream via DLNA apps

It should be your last option. Most Internet-connected TVs also support the DLNA streaming protocol. This feature allows you to stream media files from your Android phone to your TV.

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However, any file you stream must have DRM capabilities. That means that you can only access the media on your phone, and you cannot use Netflix or any other application.

Wait, there is more

Once you’ve found the perfect way to stream to your TV, there are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your phone.

Get a VPN. To have the content you want anywhere, you need a VPN. With a VPN, you can bypass geographic restrictions that can occur while traveling. So if you’re streaming from a hotel room in a foreign country, you can still access all of your favorite content. Make sure you choose a VPN that is compatible with the platform you choose.

Get an external battery. Because streaming can use a large chunk of your battery life and you won’t always be near an electrical outlet, consider getting a power bank as well. This way, you can still charge your phone.

Get a travel speaker. To complete your streaming experience, it is worth investing in a travel speaker. Most TVs have bad speakers that aren’t even loud enough to hear. You can get great sound anywhere with a Bluetooth speaker.

Now you have everything you need to turn your Android phone into your best entertainment hub.

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