What Is A Rotating Proxy And the Top 5 Rotating Proxies You Know

What Is A Rotating Proxy And the Top 5 Rotating Proxies You Know

What Is A Rotating Proxy And the Top 5 Rotating Proxies You Know

Scaling online projects and automating tasks isn’t just fun when you start dealing with geo-restrictions and CAPTCHAs. You can work around this problem by relying on a massive pool of rotating IP addresses that provide a non-blocking experience by changing IP addresses with every connection request. In this article, we will let you know what is a rotating proxy.

There’s no magic behind it: IP address rotation simply powers various bots and automation software, allowing you to streamline web scraping, SEO, competitive intelligence, ad verification, and other processes.

What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a server that assigns a new IP address from the proxy pool for each connection request. They come from a proxy pool with millions of active IP addresses, so you don’t get stuck on the ones in use. By adopting this rotation algorithm, proxies can help you crawl websites even with complex anti-bot systems.

Rotating proxies can be both private IP addresses and data center IP addresses. Residentials are generated from real desktop and mobile devices, making your connection requests to the target website unobtrusive and protecting you from subnet bans. On the other hand, data center proxy servers are usually the product of data centers and cloud hosting services. These proxies are more accessible to detect but much faster and more stable than private IP addresses.

How does IP rotation work?

IP rotation is simple but essential: it assigns a new IP to each connection request. Rotating proxies do a lot while mimicking massive real-time connections from different users. By choosing rotating proxies, you can send thousands of connection requests and ensure that the server rotates IPs every time.

To make your proxy experience even more epic, you can rotate bright proxy IPs that connect through persistent or rotating sessions. The latter means that you connect to a different representative for each request. If you want to use the same IP address longer, choose Sticky Sessions. Depending on your needs, they allow you to use the same IP for up to 1, 10, or 30 minutes.

Proxy lists vs. rotating proxy service

Proxy lists are an alternative to rotating IP sessions; however, it is an outdated way to incorporate IPs into your software. There are different types, free, public, or private, and the effectiveness and security of IP addresses depend on your chosen list. However, using a rotating proxy service would probably be more efficient for several reasons:

  • No need to collect thousands of IP addresses;
  • Proxy availability is nothing to worry about;
  • Forget about importing proxy lists or managing “dead” IP addresses.

Are free proxy lists safe?

When researching a proxy topic, you might be desirous to start with free proxy listings. We feel you: everyone is excited about the free stuff. However, we recommend that you stay away from them at all costs. They are almost always malicious proxies with a candy label.

Seriously, there is no free lunch: most of these proxies do not allow HTTPS connection, which means that your Data is not encrypted, and you “pay” these IPs by sharing your personal information with third. Although there is no downside behind free proxy lists, they are often overused and very slow. Therefore, it is always better to use high-quality rotating proxies as a safer and less time-consuming alternative.

Why use rotating proxies?

Proxy rotation can be helpful in various use cases, including load testing, scraping, creating multiple social media accounts, automating sneaker copies, and more. These are endless ways of using rotating proxies and expected benefits:

Distribution of requests to millions of IP addresses. The larger the provider’s pool of IP addresses, the more likely they will scale up your duties by routing your requests through different IP addresses.

Overcome blocks and CAPTCHAs. Rotating IP addresses for each request reduces your chances of getting banned from landing pages.

You have improved anonymity and security. By constantly changing your IP address, you make it harder for someone to find you. Rotating proxies become your shield against various attacks.

Five Best Rotating Proxies in 2023

Rotating proxy networks makes it easy to harvest data and allows users to access geo-restricted content while maintaining anonymity.

  • IPRoyal
  • Crawlbase Smart Proxy
  • Bright Data
  • Oxylabs
  • Zyte


If authenticity is crucial for you, IPRoyal is your best Proxy. IPRoyal has a network of ethical sourcing representatives in over 190 countries. Users can choose from thousands of IP addresses around the world.

IPRoyal Rotating Proxy is a good choice for web scraping, market research, social media automation, SERP data collection, etc. You can also use it for HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, fixed and rotating sessions. IPRoyal also prides itself on being the proxy server with great geo-targeting options, one of the best rotation options.

Crawlbase Smart Proxy

CrawlBase Smart Proxy is one of the best solutions out there. Like other proxy servers, Smart Proxy is extremely good at avoiding blocked requests and bans. Smart Proxy uses a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning to bypass CAPTCHAs and blocks.

In addition, thanks to the single node, users can connect to the proxy network countless times. Staying anonymous with Smart Proxy is easy, thanks to the proxy group. Finally, this proxy software offers tremendous user support that helps them monitor usage and save time.

Bright Data

Bright Data is an open-source proxy manager and tool that allows users to manage all representatives from one place. Moreover, Bright Data has built-in features such as data center proxies, residential proxies, ISP proxies, etc.

Additionally, the software can route requests based on user-defined criteria. It also offers a detailed history of registration requests, regular expression capabilities, and custom traffic redaction rules. Finally, Bright Data can monitor any submission you send through a proxy.


Oxylabs Proxy is a good option for you if you are a large company. This proxy provider offers an a la carte pricing model and is quite expensive compared to other proxy solutions on the list.

Moreover, it requires a technical team to set it up, so it is not really accessible to individuals and small groups. Oxylabs allows users to access geo-restricted content at no additional cost. The network includes 195 sites and boasts a 99.2% scratch success rate. Oxylabs can also be cohesive with third-party solutions to manage public IP addresses and APIs.


Zyte operates thousands of secure proxies over a trusted network. This proxy network is based on features with anti-ban algorithms and delivers high web scraping results.

Zyte also offers brand protection through IP white labeling and offers customer support via email, phone, or chat. But Zyte also has some disadvantages. First, there is a lack of publicity and monitoring. Also, there is a lack of API documentation, which makes things difficult.


Rotating proxies seem to offer excellent value for money compared to the time and hassle they can save you. This was a list of the top five rotating proxies in 2023. The above five rotating proxies are great choices if you need them for market research, web scraping, or accessing geo-restricted content.

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