Lankybox store com devotees got their biggest wish in July 2022, when the pair’s first retail toy line, in collaboration with Bonkers Toys, hit shelves and the internet. Lankybox shop com is the world’s most-watched YouTube gaming duo and has regularly been one of the highest-rated channels in the US based on serving (Tubefilter 2022). High-energy performers Justin and Adam and their ensemble of animated charismas, including Boxy, Foxy, and Rocky, offer the perfect material to anchor the best-selling toy line.
“Bonkers Toys President and CEO Brian Bonnett remarked, “Justin, Adam, and the staff at Lankybox store com are excellent collaborators.” “We anticipate great retail success with the new toy due to the combination of Lankybox shop com’s energy, huge fan base, and Bonkers’ product design expertise.”

Lankybox Shop Online Animated Tales

Lankybox store com has made an animated narrative about his childhood. In one episode, Justin admitted to sneaking into an R-rated horror film with a friend in high school and succeeding until ticket checkers arrived. Another episode showed that Adam was dating his best friend’s sister, and he was discovered cheating on him with his high school infatuation.

Lankybox Shop Online Gift Certificate

This gift card does not exist in tangible form. You will receive an email with a link to the gift card page, which contains a redeemable code in-store for the amount of your purchase when you complete your transaction. You can print the gift card page or share the URL with someone if you send this gift card to them.
Lankybox stores A Portable Box, 2 Mystery Figures, a six ′′ Glow-in-the-Dark Plush Soft Figure, a Pop-it Fidget Toy, a Canny with Pop-up Sticker, and 3 Stickers included in the Giant Mystery Box.

Puzzle Videos of Lankybox Store com

In 2019, the business utilized to respond to puzzle videos. The series is straightforward; they watch puzzles on YouTube and attempt to guess them. They resumed developing stuff like this in 2021 and are now producing this series. In 2021 and 2022, puzzle videos incorporate game and movie characters, primarily Sonic EXE, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Charm, Turning Red, etc.

Lankybox Shop com’s identity


Box made of yellow and white cardboard. It is loving but occasionally awkward. Along with Foxy, he operates the Lankybox Shop World channel. Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky, and LankyBot are some of the characters.


He is a purple, dark purple, and white fox with a cardboard box on his head that enjoys food and, like Justin, creates jokes. Along with Boxy, Rocky, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky, and LankyBot, he oversees the Lankybox Shop World channel. He also serves as Justin’s spirit animal.


A dark and light grey rock with black eyes and black lips. Justin adores this rock. She went absent for a while before being discovered and transformed into a doll. “It’s time to rock and roll!” he exclaims. With Foxy, Boxy, Sticky, Canny, Ghosty, Thicc Shark, Milky, and LankyBot, he operates the Lankybox Shop World channel.

Foxy and Boxy Plushies

Six mini-plush characters feature on the show many times. Plushies include Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Boxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Boxy, Donut Foxy, and Heart Boxy. They are no longer available at the Lankybox store on Mystery Egg.

The Shark’s name

Before being transformed into a doll, a blue and white shark appears several times in the Guess The Price series of riddles.


A milk jug outfitted with a sound box can play Lankybox Shop com’s “Milk Song.” She is the only doll on the Lankybox Shop website that has a larynx.


LankyBot is a grey to light grey robot not part of the Cyborg Collection. It features an LED light and is still for sale.

The People Behind Lankybox Shop Website


Adam is sometimes noted for being snarky and laughing at anything Justin says/does.


Justin identifies himself as “thick” and “quirky,” he is well-known for his puns and altered persona and for being a gourmet since he is frequently seen eating food that should be utilized for filming rather than eating. He is notorious for mishearing Adam’s words and forcing them to play games.
lively and entertaining individual. He enjoys pizza, fried chicken (particularly KFC), and doughnuts. They didn’t want anyone joking about his weight or taking his meals. He likes to become furious at Adam for wasting his money on pointless items, but he’s a great person overall.

The Lankybox Shop Website Stealing Accusations Controversy

On December 8, 2020, popular YouTuber Flamingo Roblox revealed the Lankybox store website on Twitter. He accused them of copying thumbnails and video titles from other YouTubers. Lankybox shop com, for example, copied the same thumbnail from IamSanna’s video, “I’m building an ENTIRE *SECRET* MANSION on top of my BEST FRIEND’S house adopted by me! (Roblox)”—Following Flamingo’s tweet, YouTubers such as SonaDrawzStuffYT and KonekoKitten created videos.

Lankybox shop com never replied to the matter, and some fans retaliated against those who revealed the Lankybox shop com and several YouTubers that created videos about it. However, in the Roblox community, this is only done temporarily. They began taking whole miniatures lately, not just the notion of a miniature. KreekCraft, a Roblox YouTuber, revealed Lankybox shop com on Twitter, claiming that one of his thumbnails had been stolen and showing a comparison of his video with the stolen Lankybox shop com and shop com’s footage with the stolen thumbnail.

Lost At Boxes

The Lankybox store com was nominated for the 8th Annual Bloxy Video of the Year Award on February 10, 2021. They took on FGTeeV, ElTrollino, and LOGinHDi. Because Justin is not a YT Star Programme Group member, he is not an independent content producer, and Adam is the primary founder of the Lankybox retail channel, Adam represented his candidature. They subsequently lost Bloxys to FGTeeV, who received the most votes. Many store lovers accepted the closure, but others did not. They then went on a rampage on Roblox’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, committing hate crimes against FGTeeV. He responded to a message on the Roblox Instagram page regarding the news of the year’s video being stored and received some feedback.
Lankybox store com was nominated for Video Star of the Year at the Roblox Innovation Awards (formerly the 9th Annual Bloxy Awards) in June 2022. They will eventually lose to the Flamingo. His audience is preparing to infiltrate Roblox’s Twitter and perform hate crimes against Albert, just like the last time.


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