How to Choose the Right Java Development Company That Fits Your Needs?



Deciding to partner with a Java software development company to implement digital solutions can be easy, but actually finding the right partner can sometimes be a challenge. As a result of the fast-paced economic dynamics, modern consumer demands, and mixed with the pandemic-related changing business environment, digital transformation is an undeniable trend. Technology seems the perfect problem-solving option when companies need to maximize the value of available resources, find new ways to engage with end-customer or simply cut down on operational costs. And Java often seems the perfect tech match because of its maturity, mighty online community, and cross-platform compatibility!

Working in a bespoke software development company specializing in Java development, I can admit that having a reliable tech partner has been a crucial success strategy for our clients, who we prefer to call partners. But, above all, your main concern while selecting your future outsourcing partner should be proven expertise and professional experience. Dreamix celebrated its 15th year anniversary this summer and keeps looking forward to developing new talents and new exciting partnerships. 

But what are the specifics of choosing to outsource over in-house development? This article provides concise answers.

In-House Development vs Outsourcing 

Making the decision to outsource your custom software project is not an easy one but it considers key when it comes to business strategy and development. Whether it is optimizing internal processes, redesigning their business models, or boosting customer service: In the digital age, companies in numerous industries have to invest more and more in the development of bespoke software. This is applicable for all types of business maturity – from start-ups to established corporations. 

Several reasons why companies are reluctant to hire external software development partners strikeout. They may have had bad experiences, fear losing control or are simply not fully convinced that they are getting enough performance in exchange for the price rates they pay. However, relying on an external vendor certainly comes with its perks. One of the most sought-after and apparent advantages of outsourcing is cost reduction. After all, if you can find the same service quality and professionalism at a lower cost, wouldn’t you go for it? But besides the more reasonable prices, outsourcing also connects to multiplying your available workforce, securing around-the-clock service, cultural enrichment, and competitive advantage as you can easily expand on new markets. 

Do you Need a Dedicated or an Extended Team?

Before embarking on a search for talented Java software developers, you should decide on a model of exactly how your company intends to hire new experts. Are you planning to find software developers and employ them as permanent employees in your company? Or do you prefer to expand your internal IT team with individual external Java developers? Perhaps a dedicated development team is the best choice for you? 

Working with a dedicated software development team means that your provider arranges a dev team dedicated exclusively to your software project for a period of time. In order to keep a constant eye on the progress of the project, appropriate evaluation and status reports are agreed upon prior to the project’s takeoff. However, suppose you only need to expand your in-house IT talent. In that case, you can hire external software developers as contractors to help you close the existing gaps with the necessary skills and resources and accelerate software delivery.

Offshore, Nearshore or Onshore Development 

These are the three main types of using outsourcing services in regards to location. Offshoring refers to a greater physical distance between the two partnering companies. Examples(one is in the USA, and the other is in Europe). Some potential pros of offshoring are easy to access global talents and greater expense savings due to different living standards. On the other hand, onshoring means that you delegate your development process to coding experts from your own country of residence. However, this is often more expensive than the other two options and usually least prefers because of this. 

Some of the key benefits of nearshore software development services are directly related to the near geographical location. When we mention nearshoring, we usually mean a 1-3  hours time difference, which translates to similar working hours and a much shorter flight distance than offshore destinations. Furthermore, neighboring countries are far more likely to have a common mentality type, work morale, and principles. Besides speaking similar or the same languages, people might also be under the same legislation, such as EU member countries. Bulgaria, for example, is eminent as a top global location for Java development. And one can be confident that the knowledge and abilities are of the highest quality.

Discuss the Methodology They Follow

Which methodologies do your prospective vendors apply, and is their choice well reasoned? If you want to dive deeper into the development methodology an outsourcing company follows, you can always research the main advantages and disadvantages it provides. For example, more and more companies choose to adopt Agile project management frameworks. Because they are better suite for the business environment of today. 

What I mean by this is that business requirements are a direct reflection of the ever-changing dynamic markets. And as they change, the product vision and features will also need modification along the way. Agile acknowledges this and has a flexible approach to bespoke software development with frequent meetings with clients, updates, and established guides such as Scrum. With clearly defined roles and responsibilities, values, and principles, a Scrum team develops software products in increments at the end of which the client can see an actual result of the work in a practical product demo

Don’t Underestimate the Company Culture 

Last but not least, while looking for the right Java development company, don’t neglect the cultural aspect. It is a sure predictor of the way of collaboration between you and your software development company of choice. For instance, an attitude of “getting things done” is always a preferred alternative to “I don’t know how this is done”. Usually, most companies that outsource strive for efficiency and use procedures that accelerate time-to-market. That’s why you should shortlist Java development companies that highlight the importance of a growth mindset and team culture. 

For example, at Dreamix, there is no “hierarchical framework” that delays the decision-making process. Everyone is working diligently, and “striving for mastery” is an important aspect of the internal company culture. As home to passionate Java developers, the company proudly organized events. Events such as hackathons as well as the first online Java conference and managed to gather established Java champions from around the globe to share their insights and professional experience. Because we believe in continuous improvement. And we find it truly inspiring to learn from one another and share it with others.

Author Biography Aleksandrina Vasileva 

Aleksandrina is a Content Creator at Dreamix, a custom software development company. And is keen оn innovative technological solutions with a positive impact on our world. Her teaching background, mixed with her interest in psychology, drives her to share knowledge. She is an avid reader and an enthusiastic blogger, always looking for the next inspiration. 

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