How To Use A Whiteboard In A Meeting With Microsoft Teams

How To Use A Whiteboard In A Meeting With Microsoft Teams

How To Use A Whiteboard In A Meeting With Microsoft Teams

The whiteboard function in Microsoft Teams is a relatively simple way to share information with coworkers. You may understandably communicate ideas using a virtual pen and notepad.

What Is Team Whiteboard For Microsoft?

The Automation Whiteboard functionality, like the Windows Whiteboard app, enables users to freely sketch and discuss on a digital canvas while in meetings. Anyone who joins a Microsoft Teams session can access it, which is set aside on the cloud and formatted like a typical classroom whiteboard.

The Microsoft Team Whiteboard Won’t Launch.

Download and install Microsoft Teams by going to the Microsoft Teams website, then launch Automation Whiteboard for the first time.

Open the app, go to the left menu, and click the Calendar button to access the Microsoft Team Whiteboard.

Then, click the “+ New Meeting” icon in the top right corner to begin a new meeting. On the following screen, provide all the meeting information and click “Save.”

You will be making a bid to join after the meeting has begun. After clicking Join, and adjusting the audio and camera settings on your computer or phone, click Join Now.

Click the “Share Tray” icon after the meeting has begun, then wait for the “Share Content” box to load. To begin the whiteboard session, scroll down and select “Microsoft Whiteboard.” You can either collaborate, where everyone may edit in real-time, or you can show the whiteboard (exclusive editing rights).

A big white character field emerges after a brief loading progress bar. To open the writing toolbar, click anywhere on the white notepad. Pens with different tip thicknesses, an eraser, a sticky note, a line tool, and a text box are all included in the writing toolbar.

In Microsoft Teams, How Do I Write Or Draw On A Whiteboard?

Start drawing on your whiteboard by clicking on one of the writing tools in the toolbar, moving the pointer over the screen to begin sketching or drawing ideas for writing, and then releasing the mouse button. Additionally, a text field is an option for entering images. To optimize your sketching space and highlight key concepts, you can pan the whiteboard and zoom in, out, left, or right.

Customize Whiteboard Settings For Teams

Tick the gear icon in the upper right corner to contact the settings. This settings menu lets you export an image, set editing permissions, switch between a help panel, and give feedback to app developers.

By clicking on “Export as PNG“, the download will start, and you will have the option to save it with a specific file name. This is useful if you want to save the ideas you presented during the conference.

If you grant edit access to all participants, all participants have access to the drawing toolbar and can draw simultaneously. Please turn it off when you want to stay in control and be present.

How Can I Access My Whiteboard Later?

Accessing the whiteboard after the meeting is over is easy. Click the Whiteboard tab or visit the whiteboard gallery in the Microsoft Whiteboard app to view, edit, or save.

A Quick Method For Sharing Ideas And Working Together.

The Microsoft Teams Whiteboard tool’s sketch format intuitively allows visually agile users to brainstorm. With a good internet connection, group sketches are fluid and lag-free, with no visible otherworldly streaks with each pencil stroke. It’s a great alternative to traditional PowerPoint presentations, where a person often leads with less visual input from the participants.


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