How to turn off AirPlay on iPhone

how to turn off airplay

Through this article we will get to know how to turn off AirPlay on iPhone.

Mirroring can be selected from the top menu on your Mac desktop’s menu bar. Click on the Mirroring icon, marked by a rectangle with an equilateral triangle at the bottom. You can disable mirroring from the mirroring menu.

airplay screen mirroring

How to disable AirPlay on your iPad or iPhone

  • Control Center. Control Center.
  • iPhone X & iPad iOS15 Scroll down from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • iPhone 8, iOS 11, or earlier, swipe right from the screen’s lower portion.
  • You can use either the music widget or both and the Screen Mirroringwidget.
  • Choose the option to stop mirroring.

Note: If you don’t find the Mirroring icon you need, click on the Mirroring icon or click on an Apple icon in the menu bar.

Following System, System follows System. System Preferences, then System Preferences > Displays. Lower left-hand corner. If there is a checkbox, look for Mirroring options in the menu bar.


What’s the AirPlay Function?

AirPlay can detect devices in one of two ways. Apple AirPort Express is your wireless router that connects all Apple devices.

Compatible devices can also recognize each other when connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your devices will be able to detect one another as long as they are linked to the same Wi-Fi network and connected via AirPlay. You can connect your iPad and iPhone to the Apple TV, speakers with AirPlay capability, or other Apple devices.

How can I disconnect my iPhone from AirPlay accessories?

Open Control Center by moving your finger up from the lower portion of the display.

To see the AirPlay reflection, click the icon. It will look like a TV. The iPhone will know that it has been connected to a gadget when the Turn on button is blue appears.

You can disable AirPlay Mirroring if you connect to an gadget.

The sound from your AirPlay devices will be sent through the iPhone speakers once you have disconnected them.

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