How can I find someone’s phone location without them knowing?

Phone monitoring and location tracking sound like the game of some professional phone trackers. However, it does not need to be that complicated as many platforms are offering these services. You can create an account on a phone tracking platform and check someone’s live location easily.

The article covers the whole thing you need to know about this process. We will share a trusted platform, a complete method, and some useful tips for finding someone’s location remotely.

Before we start, let us tell you that you do not need to root or jailbreak someone’s mobile phone to monitor its location. Also, you do not need to mess with the security of that device to get its access.

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Remote Location Tracking- Is it Possible?

Remote location tracking is possible by using a phone tracking application. These applications are useful in tracking almost every piece of information on a smartphone. It shows you the live location and the previous places visited by the smartphone.

Although there are tools that offer location sharing, you still need a phone tracker to check someone’s location without their knowledge. Thus, we found the most important application designed for this job.

Here is the application that will help you with the process.



If you are looking for a reliable app to track someone’s location, Minspy is your best option. This application comes with dozens of useful tools that let you find any device online. The best part is that the application can track both Android and iPhone devices.

The fact that it works without performing root and jailbreak makes it the most advanced phone monitoring application. However, if you have a rooted Android phone, you can expect some more data from that phone.

The website is not limited to location tracking services as you can track social media accounts, browsing history, messages, and other important apps of that smartphone. You can learn more about these tools on its website.


Location Tracking With Minspy

The location tracking tool of this website can find the current and past locations of the smartphone. To get this data, you need to set up the application on the targeted device.

With three simple steps, you can start monitoring the activities of any smartphone.


  1. The primary step is to create an account on the website. You can use your email ID to sign up on the platform and save some time entering your details manually. However, if you do not enter the email address, you will need to enter your first and last name with your phone number.

After that, you can subscribe to its membership plans to activate the services. Unfortunately, you can not connect to any smartphone without getting a membership. However, they are more affordable than their alternatives.

  1. You need to install the Minspy application on the targeted smartphone. However, you will receive a unique application connected to your account. Thus, you need to install that application on the smartphone.

After installing the application, you can start the phone syncing process by reading the app instructions. Now, you can leave the phone after hiding the application and move to the next step.


  1. Visit Minspy’s website again and login back to your online account. You will see the targeted device’s name at the top of your account. It means that the phone is connected and you can find the details now.

Click on the dashboard and find the Location tool from the menu. Click on the tool, and it will show you the current location of that phone. Also, you will find the previous locations to know where the person was a few hours ago.

Similarly, you can access other tools of this website from the dashboard of your account. All those tools work with a single click and provide complete information from that smartphone. Thus, you should not face any problem with the whole process now.

Advantages of Using this Platform

We recommend this platform because of the convenience it offers. Here are few of the advantages of using this platform.


Advanced Tools

Minspy comes with a lot of advanced tools designed to track a smartphone remotely. All these tools can be accessible with a single click. All you need is to connect the device with your smartphone. It is something you can not find in other phone tracking applications.

Android keylogger and Location tracker are the two most advanced features that you can use on this platform.

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Affordable Plans

It offers some affordable membership plans that help you use phone monitoring services without spending a lot of money. A demo version on its homepage lets you try out its services before you buy a subscription plan.

If you don’t get the solution even after subscribing to its membership, you get a money-back guarantee for the next 60 days. Thus, you have nothing to lose with this platform.



The most important feature of a phone monitoring platform is its security. Minspy provides a secure way to monitor a smartphone remotely. It comes with a stealth mode that protects your identity while using this application.

You can keep monitoring the activities. However, no one else can find out about your identity.



The platform is designed considering the requirements of beginners. Thus, all the tools are easy to use and work with a single click. It means that anyone can use the solution even if they do not have any technical background. Also, there is no need to perform a root or jailbreak on the targeted smartphone.


Final Words

Tracking someone’s phone location can help you solve a lot of problems. Online platforms like Minspy can help you use a location tracker with the minimum technical requirements. You can register on the platform and start using its services to connect the smartphone.

The right thing is that you only need to verify the smartphone once. After that, you can log in to your account and check the location whenever you want. Therefore, we can conclude that Minspy is the best tool to find someone’s location without letting them know.