How to Include Google Reviews on Your Website & the Benefits

How to Include Google Reviews on Your Website & the Benefits

How to Include Google Reviews on Your Website & the Benefits

Before making any purchases, consumers rely significantly on online reviews. 90% of consumers use the internet to locate and investigate brands, according to a Bright Local report.

Before relying on a company and its services, consumers read an average of 10 reviews.

Reviews have influenced consumer decision-making for more than a decade and have integrated themselves into the buying cycle. According to the study, 82% of customers will disregard your brand if they see unfavorable evaluations, whereas 91% of customers will believe a brand and are inclined to invest.

Therefore, businesses must highlight good evaluations on their website or on social media. This will support the development of brand reputation and market trust.

What do Google Reviews mean?

Google My Business and Google Maps both have Google reviews. Google reviews are posted by actual customers, who may offer either favorable or negative commentary on a brand’s goods or services.

Users can publish ideas, suggestions, criticisms, or experiences after utilizing the brand’s goods or services on the platform. These reviews have a high degree of trustworthiness because only legitimate people are allowed to publish them on Google.

Methods for Adding the Google Reviews Widget to Websites

1. Taggbox Widget

For those who want to embed the Google Review Widget on their website, Taggbox has a special option. Businesses can connect their Google Business IDs and retrieve Google business reviews using this application.

You can alter the reviews with the Taggbox Google Review widget by changing the typeface, theme, colors, and other visual components. Users can filter out irrelevant content, such as negative comments, which are not helpful for your brand’s marketing materials, thanks to its unique function that enables content moderation. By doing this, you’re enabling your website’s users to see only pertinent feeds.

With the real-time updating option provided by Taggbox, you can keep your material current and interesting. You only need to copy the embed code and insert it in the website backend to incorporate the customized feeds on your website.

Numerous website platforms, including WordPress, HTML, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and Weebly, are compatible with Taggbox. The platform is feature-rich and economical.


You may use SociableKIT to show social media content on a website. It offers a website plugin that collects content from social networking sites, customizes it into a single feed, and then publishes it. To foster trust, you might show your website visitors the social feed you’ve developed.

A seven-day free trial of the platform’s functionalities is available. Additionally, it supports various website platforms. You may customize the tool to match your website’s look and feel while retrieving Google reviews. It offers many themes to alter how the feed is created regarding appearance and feel. You must put the code on the backend of your website to display Google reviews on it.

3.WordPress Google Review Plugin

WordPress has a variety of external plugins that can be added to improve website performance. WordPress provides a Google review plugin, recognizing that website reviews boost engagement and trust. You can incorporate evaluations from your Google My Business account with the plugin.

The program provides options for modifying the gathered feeds so that you can add some own themes and graphic components to your website. You can use the plugin to display the reviews in a sidebar format.

The WordPress plugin also has other features like a category-based content filter, a Read More button that links to the original review article, a live chat feature, etc.

However, you can only show 5 reviews from a single place at a time on the website. This tool’s sole drawback is that it only works with the WordPress Platform and is incompatible with other website-building systems like Weebly, Wix, etc.

The Best 5 Advantages of Including Google Reviews on Your Website

1. Increase authenticity and trust

Offering customers high-quality goods or services is crucial for building brand loyalty for any organization. Reviews are customers’ first-hand accounts of their interactions with products and services. These reviews are truthful and impact how new customers make purchases. When you incorporate these reviews into your website, it increases engagement and fosters visitor trust.

2. Brand Recognition

As the consumer network becomes more aware of your goods or services, online reviews are a fantastic way to increase brand awareness. Most of the evaluations are also public posts that anybody can access and view, increasing their reach.

Family, friend, or acquaintance recommendations have always been important in decision-making. Therefore, it boosts the trustworthiness of the company image when customers leave favorable reviews on social media sites or Google Reviews. 

3. Having access to original user-generated content

Compared to branded material, people trust user-generated content more. Reviews are real, live content that is readily available online. Thus, the effort your marketing team requires to produce content for your marketing efforts is reduced.

You may employ the reviews for your marketing efforts once you’ve compiled them using a Google Review Widget platform. Users also show little interest in sponsored material that is not customer-centric and promotes the company.

4. Increasing Website Visitation Time

Incorporating reviews into your website provides users with a variety of information about the goods and services. Reviewing customer reviews enables visitors to gain an understanding of the experiences of customers. This aids them in determining whether the product meets their needs or not.

The dwell timer grows rapidly when users discover the precise information they seek.

5. Higher Sales and Conversion Rates

Reviews greatly influence users’ purchasing decisions. Thus, website visitors who land there are more likely to convert or take action. Your website’s user engagement, purchases, and conversions will increase if you embed reviews.


Reviews measure a brand’s qualitative and quantitative performance in the market. They improve a brand’s image by adding authenticity, integrity, and trust. Furthermore, they are the free original content created by your devoted customers that aid in improving your goods and services.

Your website’s bounce rate will go down, your SEO ranking will go up, more time will be spent there, and users will be more engaged. The proper time has come to develop marketing tactics that efficiently use customer reviews in advertising campaigns and review embedding on websites to boost conversions.

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