Full form of TMC and Interesting Facts

Full form of TMC: TMC, short for Thousand Million Cubic Feet, is mainly used in water and other forms of liquid substances. One TMC foot is approximately 28.317 million cubic meters.

For example, 270 TMC feet equals 270 billion cubic feet of water. This measurement system has been used primarily in dam construction for centuries. Even today, it is an essential tool for water management. The term generally refers to huge volumes of water in a reservoir, especially for incoming and outgoing water.


What does TMC stand for?

TMC as a mathematical system of measurement per unit of water or liquid has evolved over hundreds of years. In ancient times, TMC was used in the construction of dams, although the name was known in Arabic and by another name. However, the fundamental objective of TMC was the same.

The construction of dams without using TMC is now essential. Similarly, in the case of oil, it is also used as the primary unit of measurement. Indoor irrigation, this unit of measure, is used. The TMC thus has multiple uses in measurements. Today, the TMC is the primary unit of measurement for water and liquid petroleum.


A brief history of TMC

The origin of this term may have taken place in Egypt. Almost 5000 years ago, in 2950 BC. AD, the first dam known as Sadd el-Kafara, appeared in Egypt. Back then, you needed a device to measure water. The Sadd el-Kafara Dam was a massive structure. It was 37 feet high, 348 feet wide at the top, and 265 feet at the bottom.

In England and the United States this essentially hydrological term was used to designate a water entity that later became known as the TMC. The Sadd el-Kafara Dam is estimated to be 20 million cubic feet or 460 acre-ft (or TMC).


What are the complete forms of TMC in different categories?


TMC in Politics: Trinamool Congress

Some make the most use of the full form of TMC, namely the Trinamool Congress, in India Politics. It is also known as the All India Trinamool Congress. It is the most powerful political party in India. This organization is mainly active in West Bengal. “Two Flowers” is the official election emblem of the All India Trinamool Congress.

TMC in Transportation: Traffic Message Channel

The full form of TMC is Traffic Message Channel in Transportation. You finally have the answer to the question, “What is TMC”? TMC stands for thousand million cubic. But it has many complete forms in different categories.

Well, TMC has many complete forms in different categories below the table. Let’s learn the TMC ka Full Form.


         Acronyms            TMC Meaning

  •     TMC       Total Medical Compliance (Medical)
  •     TMC       Total Midwifery Care (Medical – Hospitals)
  •    TMC       The Microstation Community (Computing – IT)
  •    TMC       Time Minimal Control (Academic & Science – Physics)
  •    TMC       Test Monitoring Console (Governmental – NASA)
  •    TMC       Telemetry Controller (Computing – IT)
  •    TMC       Total Market Coverage (Business – General Business)
  •    TMC       Total Maintenance Contract (Governmental – Military)
  •    TMC       The Mortgage Collaborative (Business – Mortgage)
  •    TMC       Telescope Makers Convention (Academic & Science – Astronomy)
  •    TMC       The Memory Controller (Computing – IT)
  •    TMC       Too Many Characters (Computing – IT)
  •    TMC       Troop Medical Clinic (Governmental – Military — and more)
  •    TMC       Tandem Master Cylinder (Miscellaneous – Automotive)
  •    TMC       The Maintenance Council (Governmental – NASA)
  •    TMC       Truman Medical Centers (Medical)
  •    TMC       Top of My Class (Academic & Science – Students)
  •    TMC       Texoma Medical Center (Medical)
  •    TMC       Traffic Management Center (Computing – IT)
  •    TMC       Thousand Million Cubic (Academic & Science – Hydrology)
  •    TMC       Travel Manager Center (Business – General Business)
  •    TMC       Tucson Medical Center (Medical)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When was the TMC first used for measurement purposes?

During the construction of another ancient dam the cubic foot measurement system was used, around 2000 BC. or 4000 years ago. This dam locates in Mesopotamia and is known as King Nimrod’s Dam . This historic dam, which once used a TMC-type water metering system, was found near Baghdad, across the Tigris.

Does TMC have any relevance in India?

The TMC as a system exists today in India and other parts of the world evolve over the centuries and was made perfect by the ancient Romans around AD 100, approximately 2000 years ago. That year, the Romans built the Ponte di San Mauro dam. They used the same TMC system to measure water.

To report the gross and actual storage capacities of the country’s dams in the National Register of Large Dams , the Central Water Commission uses the TMC in India.

What is the meaning of TMC now?

Over the centuries, the TMC has also played an essential role in determining the design and size of a particular dam to the volume of a river. Thus, the TMC has become integral to the world’s dam construction and oil trade.

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