Fastest VPN Review Cost

Fastest VPN Review Cost

The true issue arises when there are many options available and you need to choose the best one. The VPN market is similar in this regard. It is only fair to test a few before choosing one that is truly up to the task because there are so many businesses out there competing in the sector.

Regarding the Company

Today, we’re going to review FastestVPN, which is a subsidiary of Fastest Technology Limited. The company’s operations are located in the Cayman Islands, with the goal of promoting security and privacy worldwide. Due to the company’s recent establishment and widespread praise for its high-quality services, we decided to test it for ourselves to learn more.

Security and Privacy

With its range of security protocols, FastestVPN offers security ranging from the most fundamental to the most advanced. The protocols are supported on a number of platforms and can be chosen before connecting.

However, choosing a protocol must be done manually, which some less tech-savvy users find unsettling. When you think about it, though, being able to choose a protocol to meet your needs at different times is actually a benefit. For instance, you would probably connect to a protocol with the highest level of security for financial transactions, such as LT2P or Xsec. On the other hand, if all you want to do is watch Netflix and download torrents, you may use the straightforward PPTP, which offers security without sacrificing speed.

FastestVPN provides the following protocols:



OpenVPN (UDP and TCP)



We used their Android, Linux, and Windows desktop apps. Both apps have a comparable and very user-friendly UI. Select the protocol, the nation you wish to change your IP to, and then tap Connect to connect to the app. That’s it.

They have just released extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which we tried out and found to be running far more smoothly than the apps themselves. The finest aspect is that it provides seamless access to all streaming websites and material from around the globe.

All of your data is protected against any attacks thanks to the 256-bit AES encryption used by FastestVPN. The main benefit of using a VPN in the first place is that it offers military-grade encryption.

FastestVPN is also rated highly for privacy.They uphold a zero logging policy, which means they don’t log IP addresses, payment information, or browser history. For the purpose of maintaining a clientele log, they do keep a record of the email addresses and the names you supply when registering. Technically, they have your permission to keep the information. You can use an anonymous email ID and select Bitcoin as your payment option if you don’t want to provide either of those details. In this manner, even to your VPN provider, you are totally anonymous.

Advanced FastestVPN Features

The few sophisticated features included for more privacy and security that were provided without any additional payments to the bundle pleased me out of the many features supplied by FastestVPN. Since the other VPN services add it as an add-on to the subscription and charge extra for it, that actually is a unique selling offer. FastestVPN operates differently than most VPN providers, placing it at the top of the list among VPN providers in terms of privacy, security, and cost.

The following FastestVPN features are free of charge:

Malware Protection

The Internet Kill Switch

Ad Blocker

NAT Firewall

Other appealing qualities include:

Having the most protocols

P2P servers with file sharing capabilities.

A number of server switches

simultaneous multiple logins on five devices.

Pricing Schemes

Putting all the technical details aside, FastestVPN is incredibly affordable. It is currently the cheapest VPN and offers the most features, protocols, and security levels.

Three options are available from FastestVPN:

$10 monthly for a one-month plan.

$320 is saved over a three-year period by paying $1.11 each month instead of $39.95 per year!

$2.49/month for a 1-year plan equals $29.95/year, saving you $90.12!

But that’s not all—the eye-catching price, which is by far the best I’ve seen for an elite VPN service, is still up for discussion.

The 5-year plan saves you 92 percent at $0.83 per month.

In comparison to other high-standard VPN providers like FastestVPN, the costs are the lowest at as little as $0.83.

A seven-day money-back guarantee is offered with this. A money-back promise with no questions asked is just as good, even though they don’t provide any free trials.

They also provide a variety of payment options, including PayPal and credit cards. Without exception, everyone is accepted.

Customer Service

FastestVPN can answer all your questions, no matter how simple or complex they may be. To begin with, their website is pretty comprehensive and useful. It has FAQs and tutorials, both of which are excellent resources. Anytime during the day, users can use Live Chat to get in touch with a representative if they are still having trouble. For evaluation purposes, we spoke with a representative directly, and they were quite helpful and accommodating.

They now provide a call service in addition to live chat. However, unlike live chat, which is available 24/7, call customer assistance is only available during business hours (9 am to 5 pm).

FastestVPN already has a good market position, so responsive live chat, helpful agents, and excellent customer care are steps in the right direction.


We were generally pleased with the business and their high-quality service. They quickly came up from the dirt and still have many goals they want to accomplish.

The service is safe and guarantees anonymity on more than 20 devices, which is unquestionably a benefit. Their small number of servers is in question, but for a business that only started operating last year, they are undoubtedly aiming to increase that number as well.

According to our overall research, given their cutting-edge features supplied at reasonable prices, FastestVPN is a good pick.

In order to provide a comprehensive picture, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages. I hope it is beneficial to you!


The Internet Kill Switch (For Chrome and Firefox)

five connections at once

Zero-logging guidelines

Having the most protocols

Unix servers based on P2P optimization

Firewall NAT

ads blockers

compatible with a variety of gadgets and routers.

Features are included without additional fees.

24/7 customer service.

seven-day money-back promise.


No trial offers.

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