Difference between Game Designer and Game Developer


You did not have a childhood if you have never played video games. This statement refers not only to millennials but some adults as well because video gaming is a sphere that does not have age borders. The true connoisseurs of the gaming world at least once in their lives dreamed of being a part of a team who create their favorite virtual world. The two most important occupations leading to the sphere of gaming product creation are design and development. Those who think that they are the same should accept the opposite. The difference between game development and game design is more than evident. One should understand this difference. That is why if you are pursuing to connect your life to gaming product creation and do not know what to choose, whether game design or game development, please continue reading.

What is typical for the gaming products design sphere?

Gaming product design goes far beyond the visual representation of video gaming products. But, this aspect is also crucial. When choosing between game design vs game development, it is necessary to remember that design is a real art. Here, we may mention that the US government and the US National Art Foundation have recognized video products as a form of art. Thus, the role of web designers is undeniable. Web design is complex and multifaceted work at the intersection of several jobs. They include programming, design, and management. Their primary task is to design the product’s visual component. Also, they work under the development of levels, reward systems, their mechanics, training of the main characters, and many other things. The designer determines the plot of the product, the main challenges for users. They design how users interact with a gaming world, its rules, laws, and circumstances. As a rule, designers are creative individuals who know graphic design basics and understand users’ needs and desires.

Main peculiarities of the product development

Those who do not know what is more important in the game development vs. game design dichotomy should clarify the peculiarities of developers’ occupation. Developers, unlike designers, do not concentrate on the attractiveness of the product. They focus their efforts on the purity of the code and the reliable functionality of the product. As a rule, developers have a more developed left hemisphere of their brain. Their main characteristics are analytical and logical thinking. Also, they have technical education in the field of computer science and programming. The developers’ main task is to incorporate all the ideas and plans developed by designers into a code. This code will make everything act. Each button’s press, which appears to be effective and makes the process work, is possible due to developers’ hard work.

Game developer vs. game designer: cooperation or confrontation?

This “vs.” in the game designer vs. game programmer correlation should be interpreted more as a joke. In reality, there is no confrontation between these spheres of product creation. Indeed, mutual cooperation between designers and developers is key. It makes it possible for users to enjoy all the fascination and attraction of an artificial world in their favourite products. Yet, the difference is undeniable here, and it lies in the goal-setting and functions of both designers and programmers. Designers create a visual representation of the product and all the scenarios inside it. In their turn, programmers put in place designers’ ideas and adjust the code to the chosen engine.

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