How To Delete Bookmarks On MacOS

how to delete bookmarks

One task that you should know is how to delete bookmarks from your computer. We will go Into more detail about what a bookmark is and how to use it. However, this is a standard feature on your computer that most of you are already aware of. Bookmarks are simple to create, but not everyone knows how to delete them. Now let’s take a view at the steps required to Delete bookmarks on your Mac OS.

There are standard tasks that everyone should perform on their computer. From the basics to more detailed and complex operations, the more you know how to use your Mac OS, the more skills you need to use to optimize your workflow and solve any problems you might encounter. Learning the common commands and necessary skills on your Mac OS is the thing I recommend for everyone.


how to delete bookmarks

A bookmark Is a tiny piece of paper that marks where you left off in a book, right? Well, that Is a bookmark, but It has a different meaning in the world of computers. A bookmark on your Mac Is a bit like a physical bookmark, but Instead of holding your space in a book, it marks a link to a web page for easy review later.

You can make bookmarks for easy access to any information you can find on the Internet. For example, you are browsing online and find a website that you like or a link to a good discount on a product you want to buy. Sometimes it can be hard to finding a site If you can’t remember the web address. Therefore, when you bookmark the page, you can find it quickly during a new browser session.

Using bookmarks also allows you to organize the many websites that you frequently visit that work well for you. Let’s say you enjoy researching recipes online and watching basketball news. You can set up different folders with bookmarks according to your needs.

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How to Delete Bookmarks on  macOS

One thing that you should know about bookmarks Is that they are specific to the internet browser you are using. We look at Delete bookmarks from three popular internet browsers for Apple computers – Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you delete a favorite in one browser, it does not mean that It will also get deleted In another browser. Therefore, delete each favorite that you want to create In each browser separately.

Deleting Bookmarks in Safari:

Open Safari in Mac OS.

Now when the window opens, click on the sidebar icon at the top left. This sidebar button opens all the bookmarks you have set up in the browser. The Icon is positioned in your browser next to the forward and back buttons (see image below):

Be sure to click on the bookmark icon (which looks like an open book) to list your current bookmarks.

Control-click the bookmark you want to delete.

Select Delete.

Delete Bookmarks in Firefox:

Launch Firefox on your computer.

Now click on the book Icon In the upper right corner of the browser window. This symbol looks like an open book (see image below):

A sidebar will appear on the left side of your screen. At the top of the sidebar, click Favorites.

Discover the bookmark that you want to Delete.

Controls Click the bookmark.

Choose Delete.

Delete bookmarks In Google Chrome:

Start Chrome on your computer.

In the top menu, click Favorites.

Click Bookmark Manager.

Discover the bookmark that you want to Delete.

Controls Click the bookmark.

Choose Delete. (Hold down the Command key while selecting the bookmarks to delete multiple bookmarks at once In Chrome),  control the click, and select Delete.

Why Delete Bookmarks?

There can be several reasons for deleting bookmarks from your Mac OS. The frequent reason would be merely organizational. You may not want to visit the website you have bookmarked, so you no longer need to save It. Deleting bookmarks can assist you to stay organized with the bookmarks you want to keep by minimizing clutter and unwanted links In your bookmarks toolbar.

Some people never delete their favorites after creating them. Some like to keep things tidy on the computer.  You don’t have to Delete bookmarks for whatever the reason, from an organizational standpoint.

In Conclusion

With the given instructions, you can know how to delete bookmarks on Mac OS.