What are The Ways To Connect Bluetooth To TV?

Connect Bluetooth To TV

Here are many reasons why you might want to connect Bluetooth to TV.

It may be because you want a quiet movie time and don’t want to disturb other family members or let babies sleep and watch a late-night TV show without waking them up.

Whatever the reason, today, we’re going to look at the different ways to connect your headphones to the TV.

This article describes the different ways to wirelessly connect your headphones to the TV (for those with Bluetooth headphones).

Those who already own some fabulous wired headphones, don’t despair because we’ll cover that too.


The choice to connect wireless headphones is one of the most popular and preferred because of the convenience of configuration it offers.

You have the flexibility to sit wherever you want and not worry about long cables in your living room.

There are several ways you can connect to your TV wirelessly.

Connect via Bluetooth TV streaming

With this method, you need to verify that your TV supports Bluetooth connections.

If you have purchased your TV in the past few years, it can most likely support Bluetooth connection. The Samsung 4k TV is an excellent example of a Bluetooth enabled smart TV.

If Bluetooth is supported, all you need to do is put your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode and read the on-screen instructions on pairing the headset with the TV.

Let me guide you step by step;

  • Access your TV’s smart menu
  • Then go to the audio sound settings
  • Now look for the Bluetooth option
  • After finding the Bluetooth option, look for Bluetooth devices
  • You can view all the devices available for pairing.
  • Now put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode
  • Please select the name of the Bluetooth headset when it appears on the screen

And let’s go! You have successfully paired your headphones with the TV

You can see, this is a relatively straightforward process, and you will be able to watch your movies in no time.

The core disadvantage of this coupling is a delay when the sound from the TV does not match the sound coming through the headphones. It is barely noticeable when playing music, but it can occur. With movies and it cannot be enjoyable.

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Connections via Bluetooth configuration boxes

The other way to wirelessly pair your headphones with the TV is through video streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

These can be paired with your Bluetooth headphones and follow the instructions on your streaming box. You will hear sound from our headphones in no time

Simple steps.

  • Go to the menu and set the option on our TV
  • Select controllers and Bluetooth devices
  • Now select the option other devices
  • Then add the device
  • Then put your Z into pairing mode
  • Select the headphones when they seem on the screen
  • Your headphones are now ready to stream audio for TV

The same process can also be done with Android TV devices, which can pair with Bluetooth devices. An example is the Sony TV or Nvidia Shield TV.

Connect Bluetooth To TV

Connecting through an Adapter

If your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection and you don’t currently have a streaming device.

To provide you with the Bluetooth capabilities of the TV, we use an accessory called a Bluetooth transmitter.

The Bluetooth transmitter is inexpensive, and there are many options on Amazon.

Choosing a Bluetooth transmitter depends on your display options and the audio outputs available on your TV.

They are available in different sizes and shapes. It can be a USB dongle or a 3.5mm cable.

The thing is to find the one that supports your TV’s audio output.

How do I connect a Bluetooth transmitter to my TV?

Simple step:

  • The first step is to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth transmitter. It can work it into a wall power source (if it is a USB dongle, you can skip it).
  • Put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode to ensure other Bluetooth devices turn off to avoid interference.
  • Now put your Bluetooth transmitter in pairing mode
  • Flashing red and blue lights indicate their pairs. Now give the devices time to stop flashing.
  • Your headphones are paired and ready to stream audio.

Connection via RF headset

These are high-frequency compatible headphones that are plug into a charging station.

They are easy to plug in and are an excellent option for watching movies as they reduce the lag.

To hook up what you need to do, connect the charging base to the wall and then to the TV.

First, check whether you need a different port or adapter depending on the output ports on the charging station.