Best Free Hidden Spy App You Can’t Miss for Android

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Monitoring someone’s Android device is possible with a phone tracking application. If you are looking for the best-hidden spy apps for Android, this article will help you out. This article will cover the easiest way to monitor someone’s Android device without rooting it.

Therefore, you don’t need to concern about the lack of technical knowledge to use this method. Also, we will share all the steps to use this application to spy on someone’s Android smartphone.

Before we discuss the application, here are a few things about phone monitoring applications you should know.


What are Phone Monitoring Applications? 

Phone monitoring applications are designed to spy on someone’s smartphones without letting them know. It can be used as a parental control app to monitor kid’s activities. Each phone monitoring (or tracking) application comes with a different set of features.

It is important to choose the right application for the features you need. Additionally, you should find the most trusted application to monitor your loved one’s activities.

We found the complete phone monitoring application that is trusted by millions of people.




safespy techblogbox

Safespy is the first choice of every experienced phone monitoring expert to track an Android device. The application is capable of showing the entire data of a smartphone without letting the person know. Thus, it makes the perfect application for the job.

If you were looking for a safe application to monitor someone’s smartphone, this is the best one for you. It doesn’t need you to root the smartphone and works with almost every modern device.

All you need is to verify the device that you want to monitor. After that, you can log in to your account on any web browser and track the activities.


Features of Safespy

  • Location Tracker: One of the common but useful features is a location tracker. This feature will allow you to track the real-time location of the targeted device.

  • WhatsApp Spy: This feature allows you to monitor the WhatsApp activities of a smartphone online. You can see all the chats, call logs, shared media, and much more. It is the easiest way to get into someone’s WhatsApp account without letting them know.
  • Spy on SMS: Here is another great feature of Safespy. It helps you get into any device to check its text messages. You can track all the outgoing and incoming messages of that smartphone with a single click.
  • Call logs: Last but not least, we have the Call logs feature. It will let you see all the call logs of the targeted device. You can check the correct information of the call logs, like the time and duration. So be definite not to miss out on this feature.

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How to Use Safespy to Monitor an Android Device?

Monitoring an Android smartphone requires you to follow these easy steps. These are

Step1- Create an Account on Safespy

Visit Safespy’s website and click on the Try Now button to create an account. It will ask for your name, email address, and some other details. You will receive an email with the verification link on your email address. Click on the link to verify your email.

After that, you will find different options to chose the subscription plan for your account. Compare the plans and select the one that has all the features you need.

Step2- Connecting Android Device

In the second step, click on the Android logo, and it will give you a unique setup. Install the setup on the device that you want to target. However, please wait for the complete process and do not close it before it asks you to.

Sometimes, the application may take a minute or two to complete the verification process. Once the verification is completed, proceed to the next step.

Note: You can check the complete installation process in the instructions sent to you on your registered email with this platform.

Step3- Monitoring the Device

Once you login back into your account, you will find different options under the dashboard section. These are the same features that we covered earlier in this article. Hence, you can click on any of them and check the data from that application.

For example, you can click on WhatsApp spy to get all the conversations from the WhatsApp account of that smartphone. Also, you can click on the Location tracker to get the live location updates of that phone.


Advantages of Using this Application

Safespy is the most preferred application by phone monitoring experts. Some of the reasons are:

  1. It Is the Most Secured Platform

The main reason is its security that makes it a reliable platform to use phone monitoring tools. It is a crucial factor when you want to track the activities of your loved ones. Thus, you can count on this tool to provide maximum security to your data.

  1. It has Advanced Tools

Safespy has some advanced tools like a location tracker and keylogger that make it the perfect platform to monitor an Android device. Also, it provides direct access to all social media accounts without any username or password.

  1. It Offers Live Demo

You can find the live demo on a sample phone on its website. It will help you understand how this website works. Thus, there is no need to pay a single dollar unless you verify its services.


Final Words

Spying on an Android device requires some advanced platforms. Safespy is one of the best options for a beginner to track an Android smartphone’s activities. In this article, we covered the best method to track someone’s activities without letting them know.

Many other applications can help you with the task. Therefore, you can consider your requirements to find the best tool that suits your needs.