Best AI Tools Right Now You Need To Know

Best AI Tools Right Now You Need To Know

Best AI Tools Right Now You Need To Know

Artificial intelligence has technologically become one of the most remarkable excellent, and powerful tools of the 21st century. Due to its growing importance and reach, the global AI market will probably get more than half a trillion dollars by 2024. Implementing AI technology has new more available,  developer-friendly, and cost-effective with the availability of many great AI tools. This article will discuss the best AI tools and services developers should consider for building AI solutions. So, let’s get a quick acquaintance with these tools and their primary functions.


TensorFlow, developed by Google Brains, is a free and open-source machine learning platform that enables beginners and experts to build AI-powered solutions. It has various tools, libraries, and community resources to help developers quickly develop and deploy machine language-based applications.

The platform supports multiple languages ​​like Python, Java, Javascript, and many more. Developing ML models and deploying them on any device, in a browser, or in the cloud can be secondhand.

Microsoft Azure AI

Microsoft is known for its robust suite of products, and Azure AI is one such creation that offers a broad collection of AI services for businesses and developers. Azure AI Services brings high-quality services and premium tools, backed by solid research, to a developer’s table, allowing them to build and deploy their AI.

The top thing about Azure AI is that developers can use the same AI services and tools used by Microsoft Teams and on AI-powered HoloLens and Xbox. Azure AI easily integrates with IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Jupyter notebooks, and frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch to build machine learning models.


Scikit-learn, developed specifically for the Python programming language, is an open-source platform that provides efficient tools and services for data analysis. It facilitates functions such as clustering, regression, detection, and dimension reduction for your AI solutions.

Regression analysis allows businesses to accurately predict and measure a specific industry-related parameter, such as stock price and product popularity. The clustering feature enables a model to closely group similar objects or people with common decisions and behavior patterns.


Theano can be an artificial intelligence and machine learning tool to evaluate and optimize difficult math problems and complex calculations. It is better suited for the GPU than for the CPU as it can perform complex, data-rich calculations up to 140 times faster on the GPU.

Theano is an ideal Python library for building deep learning models and data analysis. It can explain problems much faster than C applications, making it the best choice for large data block computations.


Tableau is a Salesforce product that helps companies manage and understand their data. It has grown into a single of the most trusted AI-based analytics platforms. Tableau analyzes the data and presents it to companies in an easy-to-understand.

Tableau is an easy-to-use software that reduces the time it takes a data scientist to present predictions by allowing them to use it easily without spending much time learning. It is ideal for conducting research analysis, intelligent analytics, and business intelligence.


Caffe is a deep learning framework that Berkeley AI Research at the University of California developed. It is appropriate for startups, large-scale industrial submissions, and academic projects. Ideal for image segmentation and classification, it can handle up to 60 million images per day with a single Nvidia GPU.


We’ve listed some of the best AI tools and services available on the web for businesses to consider. These reliable tools help companies quickly build solutions to their business needs.

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