All about V BTS

All about V BTS

South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name V, is signed to Big Hit Music. He performs dances, sings, and appears in BTS’s videos.

Childhood and Education

V was raised in Geochang County and was given the name Kim Tae-hyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. He has a younger brother and sister as well as being the oldest of three kids. Early in middle school, V started taking saxophone lessons in an effort to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a professional singer. V originally joined Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee after succeeding in a Daegu audition.

V enrolled at Global Cyber University after finishing Korean Arts High School in 2014, and he graduated in August 2020 with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment. He will begin studying for a Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media in 2021 at Hanyang Cyber University.

Kid from Daegu

V was born to a farming family in Daegu. His grandmother, who raised him, and other members of his family, are very close to him. According to fan speculations, his heartfelt English song, Winter Bear, was dedicated to his grandma.

V had no intention of becoming an Idol.

Due to an odd turn of circumstances, one of BTS’s top vocalists and performers joined the group. To support a buddy, he attended tryouts, and as a result, he was given the opportunity to train as an idol. Both V and ARMY were fortunate that day.

He later worked as a trainee with BigHit Entertainment for around three years until making his debut in 2013.

He nearly gave up training.

V called his father to inform him of his desire to leave before BTS made their debut. The singer discussed that occurrence in the You Quiz on the Block episode. “I called him crying because being a trainee was so difficult. He said, “If it’s too hard, you may quit,” when I informed him I wanted to stop, he said.

Anybody may lose it after the arduous, backbreaking training the idols endure. But how grateful we are that he continued to Hwaiting!

Optimal BFFs

In addition to being classmates in high school, V and Jimin are now bandmates. They both enrolled in BTS as trainees.

The ambidextrous V

Initially left-handed, Kim Taehyung can now equally use his right and left hands. In the Run BTS episodes, you can see him playing with both hands.

Cocoa instead of coffee

V doesn’t like coffee very much and prefers a sweet drink than the bitter one. Maybe it’s not his cup of “coffee.” He nevertheless managed to join his bandmates for coffee drinking sessions. He may be seen holding mugs of coffee and chocolate beverage in a video. He swallowed the chocolate after inhaling the coffee’s scent.

The final stage name picked was V’s.

Tae, who we now refer to as V, may have actually been Six or Lex. Before his debut, those were the other possibilities. The BTS members reportedly told the K-pop idol that V fits him better.

So, he continued, “I chose V to stand for victory.”

The musician

V once said that if he hadn’t been an idol, he could have easily been a saxophone. In middle school, he played the saxophone for three years. Additionally, he appeared on the Star Show 360 after almost seven years.

The Photographer, Vante

The Korean singer is really interested in photography in addition to music. He draws influence from Sydney-based photographer Ante Badzim. He must have used the hashtag #Vante for his photography, as you may have seen. That is how he is honouring the artist.

The Poet Warrior, starring Kim Tae-Hyung

As most of us may be aware, Tae-dream hyung’s of making his acting debut came true. In 2016, he played Hansung in the Korean historical drama Hwarang. He won fans over with his very first performance. And his return is still on the horizon.

He Cherished Art.

The BTS vocalist enjoys spending time in art galleries and counts them among the highlights of his international travels. He particularly appreciates Vincent Van Gogh’s art.

V is extremely interested in Greek history.

He was questioned about the persons he would like to travel back in time to meet in an interview with GQ magazine. He said, “Greek gods,” to that. If given the chance, he would like to meet Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite.

V’s passion for food

Nevertheless, Tae is no different from the other BTS members in that they all enjoy food. Japchae, a Korean meal prepared of stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables, is one of his favourite foods.

His Example

Tae-hyung looks up to his father as a role model and aspires to be a good father. V truly looks up to him because he is someone who listens, supports, and gives him advice. Aww!

Kim Yeontan, V’s pet

The internet adores Yeontan, also known as Tannie, his lovely puppy. Just look at him, I mean!

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