Algorand launches the official wallet website. Is ALGO ready to sky-rocket?



Algorand is a project aimed at expanding the possible use cases of cryptocurrency by increasing transactions’ speed.  The official launch of the Algorand price prediction took place in 2019.

It is noteworthy that the internal ALGO token is introduced into the system with each new block – and goes to all currency holders.  Algorand allows users to create smart contracts and tickets that can represent new or existing assets.


Algorand cryptocurrency operates on a unique algorithm – PPoF (Pure Proof of Stake).  Thanks to it, any participant who has ALGO on the account can be selected as a validator (the amount of cryptocurrency associated with the address affects the probability).  Validators are chosen randomly and by secret ballot.

Vault technology is a blockchain compression algorithm, due to which the following occurs:

The nodes on the network no longer need to store information about old transactions. Moreover the location on the blockchain determines the length of time that this information that stores on the web;

The load on the nodes becomes lower.  Moreover the algorithm uses adaptive shading, in which account state data is stores on several nodes at oncе.


The Algorand has a wallet that can download for free on an Android device.

It allows you to:

  • quickly create an account;
  • Instantly send and receive ALGO;
  • make requests to receive currency or respond to them;
  • store and view transaction history;
  • save frequently used contacts for quick access to them.

Algorand support in Ledger wallets comes from a coin integration program that allows third-party developers to run their apps on Ledger Live.  To access ALGO and ASA (Algorand Standard Asset) assets, users need to install the app via Ledger Live and then connect it to the My Algo web wallet or Algorand Wallet mobile wallets.

Recently, the USDT stablecoin launch bases on the Algorand blockchain, and so on; bases on this network, tokenize gold will trade.  Considering Ledger devices will support ASA tokens.

Algorand 2.0 is the most important protocol update that significantly enlarges the range of dApps (decentralized applications) and processes built on the Algorand platform.  With this new set of features built into Tier 1, you can create enterprise-grade distributed applications without compromising performance or security.


There is no doubt that such a significant and fundamental update will positively impact  Algorand price predictions growing popularity. Moreover if you want to know more about Algorand 2.0, you can read the information on the project’s official website.

Similarly ALGO cryptocurrency trades on major exchanges like Binance and has a trading pair.  However, experienced users should buy cryptocurrency on the sale. Rather if you are starting to get acquaintes with cryptocurrency, use exchange services.

In fact many cryptocurrencies seek to create artificial incentives to control the user’s online behaviour.  ALGO cryptocurrency acts and openly – the user decides for himselfа. Whereas leading developers – holders of a degree in cryptography, a large-scale update is being prepare, the number of users is growing – all this has a positive impact on the ALGO token.

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