5 Types of Airport Advertising You Should Be Aware Of

5 Types of Airport Advertising You Should Be Aware Of

5 Types of Airport Advertising You Should Be Aware Of

Travel is returning, so airport are an excellent venue to advertise your company. Travel is crazier than ever, with people worldwide trying to make up for a missed time during the last two years.

If you are a company that wants to be seen by a large number of people regularly and reach all demographics, airport advertising is something you should seriously consider. Airports are distinctively constructed structures that are one big advertisement opportunity.

Not only will you be able to get your brand in front of people from all countries, phases of life, religions, and physical abilities, but you will also be able to advertise when they all have some spare time to kill. This means that their attention span is increased, and you have more time to make an impression on them.

While your company may want to target a specific type of consumer, increasing overall brand recognition is fine. The more people who know about you, the more probable they will become one of your loyal customers one day.

To assist you in making the most of airport advertising, we have compiled a list of the top spots to be aware of and how to make the most of them.

Get your name on the billboards.

Airports are well-known for their abundance of huge indoor and outdoor billboards. The billboards frequently begin on the roadways outside the airport and continue through the sky bridges to board the plane and at baggage claim on the carousels. This enables marketers to express their stories more effectively and have various touchpoints.

Consistency is essential for effective advertising. Airport billboards enable you to achieve all of this and more. The sorts of billboards will also differ at airports, with some being typical static and others being digital rotating. This means you’ll be able to find a billboard option that fits your budget.

Wifi advertising

One of the most effective methods to personalize airport advertising is to use wifi. Almost everyone at the airport will use the free wifi, allowing you to get to know them better.

Wifi marketing is when you publish your adverts on the portal, and people who wish to log in must first watch your advertisement. This is a highly effective and powerful airport advertising strategy since it is a rare time when most people would watch out for the need to gain entry to the airport. 

Charger Stations for Cell Phones

Another one-of-a-kind advertising opportunity at the airport is at phone charging stations. Most airports have these throughout the terminal so travelers may charge their devices before takeoff. These are typically found in public places, lounges, and near entrances.

  • Advertising on phone charging stations is a great strategy because consumers will likely stay and wait for their electronic devices to charge again. Often, these stations have LED screens where you can broadcast a short commercial on a loop, allowing you to create a big impression.

Lightboxes and LED Screens

Airports are littered with LED screens and lightboxes. These can be found throughout the airport, from the ticketing area to security and the departure gates. They are also frequently found on the arrivals side of the airport, near the baggage claim and pick-up sections.

With so many lightboxes and LED screen possibilities, brands like yours can create a consistent brand story,
implement effective advertising strategies, and get people to remember you. Furthermore, because these lightboxes and LED panels add brightness and color to the airport terminal,
passengers are more inclined to pay attention to them.

Activation Centres and Floor Decals

The footprints of airport terminals are enormous. This implies that marketers can transform a place into an interactive area that provides an immersive brand experience. You could, for example, have a pop-up fashion show, a taste-testing station, or a display that allows passengers to win prizes.

People have more time at airports. Thus, they are more likely to interact with activation centers. It is also a one-of-a-kind chance for Inclusive marketing methods and allows you to develop personal ties with potential customers.


Airport advertising is a fantastic method for displaying your brand in a broad area. Which assets will you consider using first?

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