How AI will Dominate the Technology


“The power of artificial intelligence is so incredible that it can change our society so profoundly. “We will also know how AI will dominate the Technology.

Before we get to the point, let’s briefly talk about the basics of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is not very old technology, it was invented by John McCarthy in 1995. It can also be named the “science of manufacturing technology.” Technology and AI are very closely related. We cannot separate them as the two reinforce each other, resulting in a complete result. Now in 2020, AI is sophisticated. Everything we see or use in electronics more or less involves the presence of AI. Hence, the need for AI cannot ignore entirely.

Before we get to a significant point, let’s talk about the presence of AI around us and the proliferation of AI-rich devices.

What is the range of AI technology?

Very far! This word is enough to describe the range of AI. AI is present in everything we look at today, from very small to huge devices. It can be best explained by websites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, YouTube, etc. Also, today, we can see the great customization of AI in the cameras and processors of smartphones that impress their capabilities.

Has the impact?

Each technology introduced has a specific impact on people. The immediate effect is usually positive, but some products can be dangerous. Example: the impressive invention and development of robotics have made our work very easy, especially in engineering, manufacturing and automotive. It made our work more beautiful and more apparent, with very little effort and time. On the other hand, this development has also taken jobs away from people. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), more than 66 million jobs have automate due to the large-scale adaptation of AI and robotics technology, and within 10 to 15 in the next few years, they will conquer more than 70%. Territories of humanity.

In my opinion, AI not only takes the vacancies to one side but also opens up the problematic areas of human participation in the development of other such powerful technologies. Too complicated research and development play an essential role in this area.

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What is the reason for such instantaneous and powerful dominate artificial intelligence?

When you see the current evolution of AI, you can imagine the difference over the last 5 to 8 years. A few decades after its discovery and development, artificial intelligence was the technology use to build new modern technologies. It has become a source for the development of modern devices.

Today time is very important, and everyone wants a quick job in the shortest possible time. This makes it easier to replicate at work, and the workload  reduces. In this case, the use of AI turns out to be more efficient since all of these tasks can be performed without human assistance, and the work done with this technology makes it precise and perfect.

So, We can say that the dominate of artificial intelligence is due to human needs and will continue to dominate the future. It also opens the source of social employment for the advancement of these technologies. But we still need to be careful when dealing with such a powerful thing as they are performing the task as we command them, and if they lose their ability to take orders properly, they may no longer do the task that way like us. Want that can also be harmful! not today, but maybe in the future.

Thanks to artificial intelligence that it is now possible to drive cars without a driver, start various space programs without much difficulty, and also make simplifying our daily lives, i.e., Google Home and Amazon Alexa are typical examples.

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