SpaceX has developed some of the utmost technologically advanced rockets. The Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy missiles, which can be launched into space and land vertically on land and at sea for reuse. No other missile company has achieved this level of reuse. The company wants to grow and improve. They plan to change their Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy missiles with a reusable multipurpose spacecraft called the starship.

It will be the utmost powerful rocket in the world in history! Can put crew and cargo into orbit. They are allowing the public to travel to the moon, Mars, and beyond!

“Consciousness is a rare and precious thing. We should take all thinkable steps to preserve the light of Consciousness. We should do our maximum to become a multi-planetary species, to expand Consciousness beyond Earth, and this does now.” “”

-Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO


The ship consists of a fully reusable second stage, the Spaceship. It is a spacecraft with a capacity of 100 people and an integrated payload section that can carry more than 100 tons. It will enable long-term flights with a propulsion capacity of up to 1,200 tons.

The lower third of the Spaceship will contain the engine and six raptor engines, including three raptors at sea level for atmospheric flight and three vacuum-optimized raptors for propulsion in space. The Raptor engine could generate more than 200 tons of thrust at full speed.


The Spaceship is complete up of stainless steel, which is heat resistant and very durable. The shift to stainless steel, made from the lightweight and expensive carbon fiber composite from which other rockets made, is that the colder the steel, the stronger it becomes. It makes it ideal for flights in the freezing pits of space.

It also has a problematic melting point, which makes it more resistant to hot reentry from Earth’s atmosphere. And it’s cheaper, around 2% of the cost of carbon fiber. It is ideal for SpaceX because, in the long run, they want to build as many ships as possible to become a space-ready civilization.

Since stainless steel is already heat resistant, the starship will only include a heat shield on half of its surface, the retracted side of the vehicle, for additional protection. This heat shield is of heat resistant hexagonal ceramic tiles. The plates are hexagonal to ensure that there is no straight path for the superheated gas to accelerate through the gaps.

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The design includes large fins that move to orient the vehicle during reentry and landing. Two fins are steerable while a smaller “downwind fin” is added, which is used as a leg and is not steerable. The large fin on the ground could also help create the drag, which is essential for the starship’s controlled descent.

Take-off and landing stability would control by the rapid movement of the rear and front ailerons and ACS (Attitude Control System) engines of the spacecraft.


SpaceX will be able to refuel Spaceship in space using another rocket-filled vehicle that can be launched from the moon and is powered only by its Raptor engines.

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The Spaceship will be mount over the stainless steel Super Heavy rocket thrust to exit Earth’s atmosphere. In space, Super Heavy detaches itself from the ship to return and land vertically on Earth for reuse.

Space X

The Super Heavy Booster has actuated (steerable) grinding ribs near the top of the rocket that uses for a controlled landing. Similar to the Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX uses today.

Super Heavy will have six landing legs, a diameter of 9 meters, and a height of 68 meters.


The number of engines may vary from flight to flight. Elon Musk said the missile could accommodate up to 37 raptor engines, and each mission would likely require at least 24 raptors.

It will have a massive capacity of 3,300 tonnes of fuel.

Star-ship and Super Heavy combined are 118 meters high, 9 meters in diameter, and constitute a fully reusable transport system.

SpaceX developed the Raptor full-flow graduated combustion rocket engine to make fuel more efficient, powerful, and more affordable – and lower the price as production increases.

Musk said:

Inspections are only necessary after numerous flights if the instrumentation shows it. Use of hydro static bearings certainly helps. ”

Each raptor is 1.3 meters and 3.1 meters in height. Raptors run on cryogenic methane and liquid oxygen (LOX). It can be complete on arrival on Mars by extracting carbon dioxide from the planet’s atmosphere and groundwater.

Thus, future Martians will have the opportunity to build a fuel installation to refuel and return to Earth.