What Is The Internet of Things With Real-Time Example

Internet of Things


The impact of technology in our lifetimes is indescribable. We are smarter, we grow faster, we learn in innovative ways, and we experiment with ideas every day, all credits to technology and science. We can think about how advanced and advanced technology is today, but these thoughts will hardly be able to adjust the levels to the current advance. So while another new technology is almost knocking on our doors, very few are aware of it. The Internet of Things, also recognised as “loT,” is the latest ongoing conversation about innovation in the world.

Machine. In the promotion of “Smart Cities” and “Smart Grids,” the loT is implemented in different ways. The IoT has already begun to alter the world, and we have entered a new technological era with these ten advanced IoT.

Ralph Lauren Polo tech Shirt:

Ralph Lauren is an American apparel corporation that launched The Poly tech Shirt for athletes and has pioneered the introduction of IoT in the apparel industry. This shirt can history the bio metric readings of athletes, such as heart rate, calorie consumption, activity level, depth of breathing, etc. and it can help you perform better. You can connect to Apple Watch or iPhone and track and record all the activities on your iPhone. So this Poly tech t-shirt with an iPhone can become your complete fitness trainer, or we can say, a fitness trainer.


Google glasses:

We talk about innovation and how to forget to mention the company that best defines design and the Internet. Google has always gone up with things that have made our lives easier and more accessible, and with Google Glass, it’s more like repeating the company’s history. A helmet with an optical screen, if you knew that goggles could be just as useful. Now you’re ready to go, and with voice activation, you can interact view, surf the web, click pictures, and do many other things hands-free, just like on a smartphone. This Google glass is the result of Google’s “project glass.”


Apple Watch and Home Kit:

And the most talked-about device and gadget company. Apple changed the world with its innovative and cutting-edge devices. Whether phones, laptops, or other electronic devices – Apple has firmly established itself. The Apple Watch is an example of advanced technology from Apple. In addition to the period and date, you can use the Apple Watch to keep track of your health and daily activities. Also, voice activation allows you to receive instant notifications. View maps, listen to music, and take calls with a single watch. Are you surprised what a look can do? Well, there are many more features to explore and make your life easier.


In addition to the Apple Watch, Apple has also released the Apple HomeKit Framework, which allows Siri (Apple’s voice assistant on iOS) to communicate with your home devices and accessories so that they can control remotely.

Smart thermostats:

Imagine being able to control the heat of your home from anywhere by simply touching your smartphone or tablet and finding the temperature you want before you get home, so you don’t have to wait. The Nest Learning Thermostat is the most popular in this “smart” category. Google bought this company. Not only is the Nest thermostat controlled from anywhere, but it also learns by itself by following your daily route and changing the temperature in your home without disturbing you, as if it had the weather set continuously to a certain level. Down at night. This device learns it for seven days and automatically lowers the temperature during the night. It is a beneficial device for saving energy.

IoT Devices


Now everyone is familiar with smartphones, and smartphones are the most common example of IoT, or you could say that smartphones are one of the first “things” of the “Internet of things. The devices stated above can control with your smartphone; a smartphone becomes the center of this network. Just like a magician does magic by waving his team, the smartphone can do “real magic” with only a few clicks.

Internet of Things

Smart cars:

An automobile is also part of the Internet of Things. Tesla Auto is an excellent achievement in this area. Imagine a car automatically opening the garage door before driving home, and you can remotely control the car’s temperature, lights, and charging.


The Tesla car has all these features and an application framework that allows you to create your application to control the vehicle and know its speed, location, and battery status from anywhere. The car can be updated automatically by downloading and installing the latest firmware and software. You have 18 sensors to automate things, and you can set up a maintenance schedule at the service station itself.

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Smart refrigerator:

Have you ever gone across a situation where you have a few friends at home, and you opened the fridge for cold drinks, and there were no cold drinks in the fridge? In this situation, you should have wished that someone informed you of the cold drinks and that you bought them in advance. But don’t worry, it’s now possible with IoT.


There are smart fridges that not only notify you of used items or empty containers in the refrigerator but also request them online before they run out. These refrigerators can do a lot more, although large-scale production has yet to begin.


Electronic chips:

We have been hearing about microchips for a long time, and we have had their uses in some sensitive and dangerous areas like defense. But now one of the most integrated circuits has found its place in our daily life.

With IoT, you can now clip or attach a microchip to pet collars to track their movements without having to search for them physically. Now your pets have more freedom and can keep an eye on their health.


The Internet of Things has several other innovative devices in the world that will put you in awe and excitement. We are talking about technology, which in a decade will be an incredible wonder which plays a vital role in our lives.

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