The Benefits of Digital Faxing for Your Cybersecurity Plan

The Benefits of Digital Faxing for Your Cybersecurity Plan

The Benefits of Digital Faxing for Your Cybersecurity Plan

Digital Faxing – It makes sense that faxing is frequently associated with the past. Although the fax has been around for a while, newer technologies, like email, have replaced it. It’s hardly surprising that many individuals think faxing is no longer necessary. Faxing is still a crucial form of communication, nevertheless.

Thanks to technology advancements, you can now use fax through internet services like MyFax. These internet faxing options don’t require a landline or fax machine. You only need a gadget linked to the Internet of Things and an internet connection (IoT). This fax solution best serves the modern, digitalized society.

How Does Digital Faxing Work?

The analog technology of public switched telephone networks were the foundation of traditional fax systems (PSTN). Online fax services, on the other hand, use cloud-based online fax services and software to send faxes. Faster file transmission speeds made possible by this technology can help employees work more efficiently and save time. You save money on maintenance as it is web-based.

Online faxing’s accessibility is one of its most significant benefits. Sending or receiving faxes requires an internet connection and online fax software. Also, online fax services make it much more convenient to sign documents on the fly.

An exclusive phone number is typically given to you when you use an online faxing service. When you transmit a fax, the recipient can access the file by visiting your website or downloading a viewer application that is compatible with it. However, most digital faxing solutions let you send files in their original format, which is compatible with most common graphics viewing programs.

How Secure Is Digital Faxing?

Email is the preferred method of communication in the modern world. It is comparatively more recent than faxing technology. Faxing, however, is still helpful today. Fax is growing in popularity because digital fax solutions are safer than email.

An email must go via several servers and systems, including firewalls, virus scanners, and data collection bots before it reaches you. Moreover, emails are not, by default, encrypted. Thus, it becomes less secure.

Because data can be encrypted using a secure socket layer (SSL), transport layer security (TLS), and password protection, digital faxing solutions are more secure. Also, online fax uses more advanced security mechanisms that make it challenging for hackers to intercept data in transit.

For individuals in businesses like healthcare, law, finance, and government with high information and data security standards due to compliance requirements in those industries, digital fax is an enticing alternative thanks to these enhanced security capabilities.

How Does Digital Faxing Improve Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

Digital faxing should be included in your cybersecurity plan because it is more secure than conventional faxing and email. So how does it change your plan of action? This is how:

1. Improves Data Security

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Thus all companies and organizations need to start investing in cyber defense. Hackers frequently use web-based or IoT attacks when they launch an attack. The Internet of Things is more expansive and sophisticated than ever, thanks to the amount of data it generates. As a result, online criminals scour the internet for any openings and use it like a gold mine. If they successfully steal important data, they will post it on the dark web so they may make money off of it at your expense.

Investments in antivirus, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), disaster recovery plans, and password protection are standard components of a cyber security strategy. File encryption is essential for document management, though. This is where cloud-based options, like online faxing, come into play.

Sensitive information is encrypted online so that only those with the proper access may decipher it. It ensures that your personal information will remain private. Even if a hacker tries to open the file, they cannot decrypt the garbled data without the encryption key.

Here are a few instances of how online fax can simplify data administration.

In The Legal Practice

Now that the remote working paradigm is widespread, legal professionals seek solutions to guarantee document security while offering excellent service to remote clients. In the legal industry, online faxing has been used in addition to email and mobile apps.

Online faxing is advantageous to the legal sector because wet signatures are required for most court papers. Clients can sign and submit papers with ease thanks to these solutions. Also, it helps law firms go paperless and become more ecologically friendly. Lawyers will undoubtedly feel the need for more feature-rich fax solutions. Fortunately, there are numerous options.

For Medical Professionals

There is a tonne of documentation produced by the medical industry. Several paperwork, patient files, and other doctors’ files need to be delivered, received, and stored. These documents are often sent by mail or fax. Because it minimizes misunderstandings, doctors frequently favour faxing or mailing. However, many medical professionals are starting to see the advantages of utilising technology in their operations.

Maintaining and tracking patient information would be simpler for doctors by digitizing them using online fax.

Interoperability is a problem that medical service providers must deal with. Patients are routinely taken into the hospital and sent to other medical professionals. Yet, it can be difficult for doctors to communicate with one another because there isn’t a centralized database where they can readily access and share patient details with other service providers. Doctors can safely convey patient information via digital faxes as they rarely use email.

A patient record can be made since digital faxes leave a paper trail. It makes patient tracking in various care settings simpler.
The key component of online faxing security is the encryption feature. A crucial part of any cybersecurity plan is data protection. So, integrating digital faxing can considerably strengthen your online security.

2. Direct Delivery to Recipients’ Mailboxes

You can be sure that your internet fax will reach its intended recipient. The system will never fax the incorrect recipient if you have the correct information. Due to the availability of a mobile application, online fax solutions are simple to use. Also, you can add a security access feature to every message you send that restricts access to the first page to those who provide valid identification. Audit trails are more accessible to monitor as a result.

3. Tamper Resistant

By sending a fax the old-fashioned way, the recipient’s fax machine would print out a copy after you sent it. Online faxing, on the other hand, delivers the message right to the recipient’s mailbox. It will be impossible to alter that message. Thus any attempts to do so will be noted in the audit trail. Traditional faxing does not offer this feature. As a result, sharing files via online fax is very safe. Hackers trying to steal personal information, mainly while in transit, pose the biggest cybersecurity threat. Online faxing is tamper-proof, making it the perfect choice for any company wishing to bolster its online security.

4. Automatic File Backup

Solutions for data backup are essential to creating a solid cybersecurity plan. Backup solutions are necessary to ensure you do not lose all your data during a cyberattack. As a result, most companies nowadays spend money on cloud backup storage options. Cloud storage is generally more secure than local or physical storage options. However, employing online fax can strengthen your plan. The system makes a backup file when you send a fax in case of an emergency or a system malfunction. The data is automatically recovered once the issue has been resolved.

5. Less Dependence on Hardware

Fax machines are significantly less secure since cybercriminals can more easily access them. You won’t need a fax machine because you’ll use online fax software to work in the cloud.

Cloud infrastructures are typically comparatively secure. It is additionally more adaptable because it enables the integration of your system with other software. You must avoid using fax machines because there is no chance that staff members or other individuals will view sensitive information printed on paper. A cloud server will store and make everything accessible. Because everything is saved online rather than physically, enabling you to optimize document management.

If Your Old Fax Machine, Should You Get Rid of It?

Yes is the apparent response. Given the rise in cybersecurity risks, you cannot rely on traditional fax systems’ rather antiquated technology.

The more secure digital fax solutions are what you should upgrade to. It is the perfect solution for a company with a remote work style because you may send and receive faxes while on the go. Digital faxing is also significantly more secure because it doesn’t require any human intervention from a third party. You may relax knowing that your message will reach the intended audience directly and without any delays.


The importance of information or data security is rising as digital transformation takes off. Thus, when the IoT becomes their gold mine, cybercriminals will advance in sophistication. Cyber protections are a must for modern organizations. One approach to bolster your defenses is investing in online fax services, which let you securely send, receive, and save data. Since most solutions are cloud-based, an internet connection is all you need to use this efficient service. Digital faxing solutions are, therefore, perfect for companies that are gradually converting to a remote working paradigm.

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